There is a multi-million dollar industry out there all centred upon finding and following your passion. There are all sorts of methods and systems of belief of which this industry communicates. All sorts of seminars and courses, workshops and retreats. From the laws of attraction to the 7 steps of this and that.

Can I just let you know the one thing that counts?


Yes please Ronnie, you can do that. We await with baited breath


Okay, thank you. It’s commitment.

Committing fully to yourself and fully to your life.

Can I let you know another thing that supports this too?


Okay, go on



It doesn’t matter what you do. It only matters that you do what you like. 

If you do what you like with full commitment then you have found and are following your passion.

The rest will work itself out.


That will be Β£900 pounds please. And if you sign-up to my email list you can get free stuff


Okay, next !



β€œIn pursuit of knowledge 
something is added every day. 
In pursuit of Dao 
something is eliminated every day. 
Continue eliminating until you come to action without striving. 
Action without striving, nothing remains undone.”

~ Lao Tzu