Fractal Energetic Healing

At distance or in person 


Most of the unplugging process comes down to the resolution of our being. Resolving the hurts and emotional wounding that’s built up within us over time. All of those setbacks and rejections we’ve experienced that lend to feelings of unworthiness. The manipulations and aggression’s we’ve encountered that cause us to distrust and to repress our true voice. The fears and anxieties that have built up through our lack of understanding about things and of course through living the sometimes harsh experience of this world..

To support your resolution I offer my abilities of Fractal Energetic Healing, This I learned myself whilst studying with my old teacher Stuart Wilde. He was a world famous Author, Metaphysician and Spiritual Teacher, and was a very wise and insightful man who knew many things about the nature of reality and how we ourselves come to be and exist within it. From him I learned a lot. And it was in 2009 that I discovered my own healing abilities. I explain a little bit about it here….

Fractal Energetic Healing 

The influences for this type of healing are sourced from a unique perceptive awareness of reality and the fractal energetic make-up of our multi-dimensional being. I offer the opportunity for you to receive at distance or in person deep healing through the work I do in Fractal Energetic Healing.

For this I use the practical application of trance state, sound, and etheric healing techniques to deepen the intuitive and empathic connection with you. And to call out and clear places of resistance and past pain that may be causing you physical and emotional discomfort or practical challenge in the situations of your life. 

I also help activate within you clear protective energy to help resolve those sticky areas and to strengthen and bring balance to your physiology.

This is the straight forward easy to understand explanation of what occurs.

However the experience can often be far more complex. We are each our own Multidimensional Universe which is in constant flux. Past, present, and future all exists within. There is no linearity or barriers of time. And each of your feelings and emotions of experience manifest as different symbols, beings or scenic panoramas. On a more detailed level these things are made up of fractal energetic codes. It depends in each session how the information presents itself. 

The following images are examples of how psycho-emotional distortions show up in your being. These distortions both result in and are caused and maintained by negative thought patterns and suffering emotions such as sadness, depression, guilt, or fear. The physiology is affected too resulting in physical discomfort, ailments, or disease.

You can get a feel for how not good this is. These fractals are dark, heavy and bent out of shape. You may relate sometimes to feeling down, heavy, and unclear. This is a big part of the reason why. Also these dark fractals energetically enmesh with the dark fractals in other people and so it’s why we become emotionally entangled in various upsets and drama’s in relationship. Or it’s why we may at times become stuck, stagnant, and generally unhappy. You can get a feel also for how different diseases and adverse physical conditions can come to be. These pockets of energetic woundedness are imbued within the nervous system and muscular tissues of the body. And play out in the mind as dark negative, doubtful, or fearful thoughts.


Through the healing session session I see into your being and remove, transform, or resolve these harmful and restrictive phenomenon. Often it’s a process that can take some time because the body and the mind has become accustomed to being, thinking and behaving in certain ways over the years of life. But with the energetic removal you gain more space and freedom for automatic resolve, and to see more clearly what needs to happen for better psycho-emotional and physical health to be sustained.

As the heaviness resolves, greater clarity occurs and light comes in again. New inspirations and insights. More good feeling and experience. The physical body can feel the effects too and will gradually resolve itself as it’s less weighed down by these energetic distortions.

Here’s some examples of how it looks when your energy is clearer. When good feeling and inspiration is flowing. When life is breathing back into the spaces of your being. Bringing greater health and vitality to your body and brightening your outlook and experience of life.


These are examples of fractals of good health, and are represented with symmetry and color. Different aspects of your being have different energetic qualities. And they move and fluctuate according to your consciousness. You may notice sometimes when people look radiant. They have a golden glow about them. Their energetic shines through. Or when they’re joyous and in love you can get a sense of the fruitfulness and passion. Radiance that show up in reds and pinks.

The colours that are commonly associated with love, joy, grace, passion, holiness, and so on have their basis in the energetic. The fractal energetic. It’s very true to our reality.

All form has it’s basis in the fractal energetic. You will have noticed how fractals materialize in our world. Here’s some examples of some in nature. Fractals are everywhere if you look closely enough.

Fractals make up the creation of everything, and everything fundamentally is energy. So when we work together you are getting treated at the very basis of where any distortions lie. 

Single sessions last a minimum of one hour but they’re not limited to that. I continue each session at no extra charge for as long as the energy and information comes through to me in process with you. 

When you make your booking i’ll send you more information about how to prepare. Simple things really that will bring you into a more receptive space for the benefit of your healing. 

In person the healing takes place in my home here in the South Side of Glasgow. A space which many people experience and report as being extremely clear and calming with a particular energetic feel that lends to inspiration and good feeling.


For distant healing after booking is made please provide a recent full body shot and address information to After the session is complete you will receive a full report detailing the healing that has taken place including further recommendations for your ongoing considerations.

1 Hour Session = £55

3 Session Block Booking = £130

5 Session Block Booking = £199

If you prefer to pay via bank transfer just get in touch via the contact page for details.


Thank you for your trust in my work. It makes me feel very grateful to be of assistance to you