Those who know me know I took a bit of time out of life so to speak and was involved in all of this Spiritual stuff. I took to the Highlands of Scotland and lived a fairly secluded life in a very humble abode for about 5 years. I lost everything that was near and dear to me. All of my savings, all of my life, all of my relationships. But there was something I had to follow. I had to follow what was true within me. And that truth within me was calling me towards nature. It was calling me home to God. Home to my inner self after spending most of my life playing at being me. Caught up in all of the struggle, drama and ambition of this modern life. 

I was very determined to resolve the pain and untruths within me. The negativity, shame, guilt, fear, anger, all of it. So I spent a lot of time wandering the Scottish forests. Many hours everyday. Praying, meditating, laughing, crying. Despair was my friend, but so too were the trees and animals. I was deep in the spirit of nature. Deep in the arms of the divine. Being nurtured and healed by natural forces whilst in my intention I continued to dive deep within and undo as much of the conditioning and pain as I could find. 

The Spiritual journey is not for the faint of heart. The true calling of the Spiritual journey is to undo the negativity’s and confusion within us so as to realise and live more truly to who and what we actually are. Divine Spirits in a human body. So our gaze is fashioned inwardly whilst the world reaches outwards trying to keep itself safe, amused, fulfilled, and loved. We know however that all of that doesn’t work. It never brings true lasting fulfillment and peace. It’s always a chase. Too painful sometimes to stop and look within. Too busy. Too painful to face the void, the depression and sadness, the hostilities and fear. But it’s where we need to go and it’s where I went for all of that time. 

There’s many people who take up the Spiritual robes and grandeur but do not or have not yet ventured deeply inwards to undo the unconsciousness that trips them up again and again waiting to be seen and heard. This is the Shadow calling. The other half of yourself that you’ve disowned and stuffed down out the way because of the pain and shame.

This is why relationships and self expression is so challenging. This is why dreams and desires fail or fall away from us. It’s because of where we are at. 

We are powerful people every single one of us and we have an immense capacity for love and creativity. We also have the power to heal ourselves and to have all of the things in life that we truly yearn for. But until we heal ourselves more and more it will always be a struggle. We will never fully have what we want because we are not yet the full person that we can be.

I was lucky during those years in the Highlands. I had a teacher who assisted me through the process of undoing. And I was lucky that the opportunity of undoing came to be. Of course it still continues but those years past saw a lot of intensity and grief  Which now I can feel good about because most of the undoing has been done. 

I now can assist others in the process as I’ve learned the ways and methods. I know how the Shadow manifests behaviorally, where it manifests physiologically. How to bring it out into consciousness so that it can be seen and healed. I’ve been supporting people in this process for a number of years now and have been refining and perfecting each time. 

I now have a very clear and straight forward method that anyone can use and work with. Not just the Spiritual folks, but anyone at all who wishes to resolve their negativity. To reduce the suffering challenges in their life. To become more free, true, and at peace. To enjoy a passionate and creative life. It doesn’t happen overnight of course but the clearer the information that you have to progress the better. Because there is a LOT of STUFF out there that can easily misinform or distract. 

If you have the willingness to proceed and feel the calling here then you are very welcome. I am releasing my new online course this Saturday 5th August at exactly 7pm. This is when I will post the promotional video on facebook giving you the opportunity to receive the course for free or at half price. There will also be an audio book version available too for people who miss out and cannot really afford the full price of the course. 

I created the following event here so that those who click “Going” will receive notification via facebook when the video is posted. 7pm Saturday on the dot. There is more information in the event too. And feedback testimonials on my website from some of the people across the world that I’ve assisted already in the process,

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Welcome, see you soon perhaps.