The secret to manifestation is to act upon your inspirations immediately. Fulfilling the practical tasks needed to make things happen.

That’s all you need to do. The rest you don’t need to think about.

You expected more? There is no more. 

However other things that might come into the experience are hesitancy, self doubt, and emotional wanting. But I don’t recommend you think about these. I just recommend you do it, fully willing to face and bare the challenges you might experience.

Pure inspiration is a gift that comes from the natural force of life. A function of our individual and collective evolution. It’s how life works in it’s creation through us. Therefore let life be in charge whilst committing fully to what needs done. The challenges that arise in the execution of the practicalities are as necessary as is the inspiration to help us grow. And for the truth of creative manifestation to unfold.

This is the process. It helps to keep it simple.