I spent the past 6 months working with a group of people online taking them, and myself too through a rigorous process of Resolution. Healing ourselves from unconsciousness, from the wounding in our psyche. And also deepening the commitment to life and living including mastering the art of our creativity, navigating relationship, deepening our mysticism, and connection to the divine. 

There were over 40 instructional video’s created as part of this course. And each one gives a good explanation and practical example of nearly every step we may encounter in the process of resolution. It’s been my most fullest work to date having run several online courses of this type over the past 5 or 6 years.

I have rounded up all of this video material to create a substantial package of work and practical study that is now available for you to work with too. I have also created an audio package from the material which is the exact same as the video’s except for you don’t see me 🙂 You just hear me.

I really couldn’t put into words here in this little description how deep and wide this body of work goes. It’s the culmination of over 15 years experience in these grounds of spirituality and consciousness. And transmits the energies of the teachings that I too have received from the teachers I have worked with over the years. 

You are welcome if you feel the call to purchase either of these programs. The video’s or the audios. And to deepen your own experiential journey and healing process.

What you’re getting for the buck is an absolute steal. So if you resonate with my work and if you’re in a place to dive deeper and heal more then I truly recommend you take this for yourself.

Plus you’ll help me pay my bills.



ps – go the homepage to find the links for download: