Course Content

The Mystics Course consists of 99 videos (50 hours) of advanced Metaphysical training that will create within you profound shifts in consciousness. Progressing you into the New Earth experience and realisation of Enlightenment


Topics covered include…

The 4 Phases of Conscious Evolution

Transformational practicalities

The function of Mystical experience

Death as an essential practise

Resolving from Worldly Consciousness

Realisation of the Quantum

Embodying the Dark Light Feminine Energetic

Embodying Christ Consciousness

Dissolving Time & Space

Flat lining into the Consciousness of Faith

Realising and following Divine Guidance

Realisation of the New Earth experience

Initiating the Enlightened Singularity

Living a healed and authentic human life

Tantric Integration of Divine Masculine Feminine Energetics

Embodying the Enlightened Singularity

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