I dedicate my life to my own healing resolution. To resolve the wounds of my own physiology and to liberate myself from the collective unconscious. In this work I connect with other people who are on the save wave. Living the same way. 

There are two overall purposes to this life that we can wake up to as far as I can see and feel at this time. 

  1. To heal our physiology and to resolve ourselves from suffering
  2. To live fully, openly and creatively in our giving self expression

Both 1 and 2 combining as a single evolutionary purpose and transformational movement through time encompassing all human experience.

Everything I am, care about, and do, connects to this. After 18 years so far striving consciously in relation to it I have come to see a lot. 

The process of awakening from the collective sleep

The conscious re-connection to inner divinity

The re-opening of psychic senses

The opening and expansion of the mind

The connection to alternative fields of consciousness

The entrapment of and freedom from belief systems

Synchronistic guidance from the divine

The realisation of unconsciousness

The deeper seeing of unconsciousness

The process to resolve from the collective unconscious

The powers of consciousness through functions of earthly medicines

Deeper dimensions of Mystical experience

Powers and abilities of perception and creation

The embodiment of divine consciousness

Living an awakened human life

Living a loving human life

Living a divine human life beyond self and materialistic concern

Through each of these I live within and serve from. To assist people through the resolution involved. It’s a natural thing that occurs as I live my life this way.

I have little concern for worldly outcomes. My fears of death and dying are in themselves dissolving. If I knew I was leaving tomorrow I would be fine and unafraid. Further humbled into submission. Desiring only to let people know that I love them, and to assure them that we are all okay.

If you are in tune with this reality of living your own experience then tell me, let me know who you are and come together.

Through this celebration we can live