Life has it’s own natural pulse that expresses through us. Often however we are driven by subconscious impulse. You can tell this just by sitting still and feeling what it is that moves you to activity. You may also see by these subconscious impulses that the activity you’re moved towards is one not of life living fruitfulness but often of emotional comfort or sensory distraction. Chocolate cake or internet.

The impulse of life is a little different. It feels different when it arises from within. It’s more natural and clear. It just happens and creates to good end or connects with others in good flow. It’s life giving, energy exchanging, and more abundantly creative. It feels good, it feels light, it feels okay. Whereas the subconscious impulses that lead us to slovenly comforts and distraction are heavy energetically. It just feels that way. Restrictive.

I see the energy of both movements as they arise or come through. Subconscious impulse is black, and life impulse is golden – an energy of heart. We want to live from the heart and follow our heart don’t we? Or do we care? 🙂

Living from the heart for me is living what’s true in the deeper clearer sense of my being. I’m not overly fussed about what you might call it. It’s living true to you. The real you. The open, sometimes vulnerable, and authentic you.

There’s so much talk about it all out there. Living authentically from the heart etc.. You actually need to work very hard for it to be the case because there’s just so much stuff that get’s in the way. The thinking mind for-instance. Most of those thoughts are actually the result of emotional distortions trapped within your body from experiences past that you couldn’t cope with or deal with properly. So they get stuffed away out of sight as you put on a brave face or avoid the ill feeling as it occurred during the time. It all builds up from the beginning of life, and most physical ailments are due to this as well. The brain functions as an antenna and it picks up the noise of these emotional distortions and plays them over and over and thus you have incessant thinking.

We get ourselves into a right mess here on planet earth and it take some undoing. Most people unfortunately don’t undo it. Don’t even consider it. Or if they do then it’s often manyana manyana. “I’ll get to it after this weekend as i’m going out on the piss for Julie’s birthday so now is not a good time” 🙂  Omg the death of spirit and the degradation of our human being. If only we all truly knew how seriously affected we are by this.

Sometimes smokers get shown the lungs of dead smokers to help them see the damage to encourage their quitting. Maybe for people in this case we could setup some movie screens in the city centers that showed the nature of what actually exists energetically within them sucking from their emotional wounds. But few would believe it. Too terrifying to even contemplate. “The guy’s a mad man, he’s been taking far too many psychedelics”.

Ho hum

If you’re reading this then you’ll have an inkling of my work. And that is to assist people in the process of resolution. Something I’ve been doing for a few years now. Anyone can do it, but not everyone sees it through. It depends on your motivations, and what you find most important for your life at this time. I tell people however that the common denominator for everything in our life is ourselves, and by resolving ourselves we far better influence everything else.