It is true that we need to pass through the fear of death in order to open to life true. The fear of death arises within us in many ways. You could say that almost all of the “negative” behaviours we exhibit have their roots in the fear of death. From issues of anger and control to worry and anxiety. They arise from a resistance to life, to what’s appearing in experience.

I explained in my November Newsletter video about how all form is empty. All physical objects, situations and relationships are empty. They have no meaning but that which we project onto them. We pollute the empty forms of our life with judgements and emotional investment. Emotional investment arises from dependency. Another movement that’s sourced from the fear of death.

Resolving the fear of death is an unwinding process of experience and inner resolution. Our very nature’s can be acting out each day from the fear of death. The things we might cling to or resist. The preferences and ideals.

Life is moving anyway and moves us too. Our humanness has the ability to resist the natural flow of life. And when it does it’s choosing death. Giving credence to death. And making death a greater actuality in experience. Resistances build up in our body as suffering pains, ailments and disease. And build up in our minds as unconscious thinking. 

There’s many ways to look at this but when you consider that most of us (perhaps) have a desire to live and enjoy life then it truly serves to face and resolve the fear of death. Because it’s this that causes all of the psychological suffering restriction we encounter. Most notably when we’re working towards the things we want to do and be. Our passion. Purpose. Sense of fulfillment. However you want to call it. The evolutionary impulse from our very own Soul.

We struggle with these things because of the unconscious fear of death. We loose focus and sabotage ourselves over and over due to our doubts, misconceptions, and fears. It all get’s in the way. 

This is why it is important to fully embark on the resolution process. To heal our pains and suffering negativity. To resolve the fear of death and to open more truly to a full and enjoyable life that’s interesting and fun, creative and free. We all (or most perhaps) want it. So really we do need to work for it if it’s not happening in experience now.  We do need to put in the effort to heal ourselves and make a choice of YES to life and to stop giving resistance and death such credence. If that’s the case.

We are very powerful in the creative sense and can do anything at all that feels open for us to do. Like I explained in the newsletter video. Anything we have an opening to is doable. However maintaining focus and commitment to the practicalities and experience of this opening is another matter that can be tainted and made more difficult due to the unresolved fear of death within us. It has to be acknowledged, discovered, and faced. Resolved ever more and worn away.

What then arises is more true. More life. More natural. More easy. More powerful. More creative. More living. More giving. More understanding. More aware. And all the rest of it. 

We die to death and in the process open up to life. Then we can see that the fear of death is actually the fear of life and living. To live and fully be what we are in the authentic sense. To feel comfortable and confident in ourselves in a true and humble way. With faith in life as the force of all intelligence that’s holding us, living us, and guiding us in our human evolutionary and day to day experience.

When it comes right down to it life for us at the moment has only one meaning and purpose and that’s for us to live it fully. Through the resolution of ourselves. To resolve our inner world and to surrender outwardly in the fullest and most honest expression of ourselves in our interactions with all the rest of it. LIVING, BEING, ENJOYING! Giving no credence to death but facing it through. Staring it in the face. Letting it go. Walking right through it and out into life more beautiful, full and true.

Thank you

Love, Ronnie