The 4 Phases of Conscious Evolution


As a guide I have came up with the 4 phases of Conscious Evolution. Each phase describes an overall context of experience. A linear progression that can be used to encourage focus on particular aspects of inner work and outer living. They are not exact science but do provide a guide, and help organise communication.

The First Phase is the Realisation Phase. The experience in this phase relates to ones Spiritual Awakening and sensitivity to the energetic. The Realisation of the Spiritual. The Realisation of Consciousness. The Realisation of our-self within this Spiritual Conscious Reality.

This phase can come as an instant epiphany of awakening, or a gradual realisation over time. It can be a remembering of what we have in the past known to be true. Before getting all mixed up in the stress and hostilities of society. 

In the Realisation phase our consciousness is activated and our energy again opening beyond the physiologically repressive affects of world living. Through this too one is led to alternative activities and philosophies beyond “every day” consciousness. Often connecting into different belief systems and philosophies. Making one’s way through the plethora of information’s out there related to Spiritual experience, Spiritual practice, Energy work, Psychology, Cosmology, and Conspiracy.

Not everyone makes it beyond this phase. Often people stop or get stuck here in their alternative lifestyle, interests and beliefs.

The Resolution Phase

It’s in this phase that the rubber hit’s the road. As one is pulled back into deepening self reflection.

Through the previous Realisation phase both Spiritual Consciousness and Wounded Ego is at play. There is no consolidation of opposites. Duality is alive and well. Negativity often resisted. The peaks and troughs of good and bad is experienced as an up and down cycle of day to day life. Bliss and Confusion. Bliss and Confusion. Emotions still repressed. The phase is volatile and addictions are often still used as pain numbing, comforting,  and mental distraction.

The Resolution phase however is the opportunity to go deep into one’s Psyche and Unconsciousness. To become more and more aware of the darkness and confusion and how it manifests within oneself physically. energetically, psychologically, and behaviorally.

To face and resolve the Shadow and Heal the Wounds and Pain.

This phase is essential to any true Spiritual Conscious progress in this life. And thus requires full dedication and relentless effort to succeed. 

This phase is not an easy phase for a single person to proceed alone without direct guiding mentor-ship and energetic transference from another who’s gone through it.

The Reconnection Phase

In the previous Resolution phase one’s Physio-energetic system is purified allowing an integration of Consciousness into form. In process one deepens reconnection with the truth of being. Realised in body. The Spiritual reconnects with the Earthly from the perspective of one’s conscious realisation of this.

One reconnects with their inherent truthiness. Not as an idea or occasional visitation in between episodes of unconscious self compromise. But as sustained living, internal being, and outward creativity and expression.

Soulful Embodiment all the way to the ground. Through all darkness, negativity and discomfort. A re-connection into wholeness. A re-connection into truth.

Also in this re-connection is the awakened connection and merging of one’s consciousness with the planetary consciousness of earth. This is a deep process of continued resolution through the root. Facing all unconscious fears of death, lack, and loneliness. Facing all unconscious fears of earthly wildness and human living. 

Reconnecting with the planet. Becoming again a Human of Earth. Not a Human of World Society.

Additionally in the re-connection phase is the re-connection or deepening realisation of one’s inherent Celestial origin. One’s Heavenly Angelic nature. This too is realised and embodied down into Human form.

These are the Tri-Fold elements of the re-connection phase. Truth of Being…Humanly, Planetary, and Celestially. All integrating as one new evolution and experience of Human.

This phase takes a lot of work and guidance. And what you will find is that not many people come this far at all. It is just unknown to the many. These movements are Metaphysically advanced. Far more true and practically real than any intellectual notions or ideologies of Spiritual Evolution and Ascension.

The Spiritual New Age and some Religious ideologies however have been somewhat correct. But what’s been missing is the actual practical Metaphysical fulfillment and energetic Realisations needed to make it happen.


This is the phase of our stepping through the doorway of ascension into the new evolution of ourselves. This is the phase of a rebirth and restarting of the Human collective.

The Rebirth isn’t truly realised through the experience of an individual. Many Saints and Avatars throughout Earth’s History have gone through the Rebirth. And then what? They are powerless to create the new without a collective. This has been the nature of an aspect of their experience.

Necessary Forerunners. Their attainments have served the function of giving us Spiritual Guidance and the Metaphysical Co-ordinates to succeed.

There is no way at this time that a full Human World Society is going to reach this phase. Any ideas or aspirations of this are a complete waste of time. This phase is realised through yourself in connection with others on the same wave who are dedicated. Who have the co-ordinates. And who are given the vision by “higher forces” to succeed.

Once this threshold has been reached. The collectives will create new energetic fields of consciousness, manifesting different reality experience beyond the logic of current scientific law.


These are the 4 Phases of Conscious Evolution. A guide to proceed in your Spiritual Conscious Life.


Ronnie Whittaker