Hello, welcome to my online courses

I offer here the opportunity to propel your own process of resolution or development of ability, depending on which course may appeal to you. Each of them have been designed for simplicity and ease of use. But yet are very deep and thorough in their application.

I don’t offer you any Spiritual fluff. I offer you the truth and methods that work. You can put everything into practice and experience the benefits right away.

The opportunity is here for us all to be the best that we can be and to appreciate this planet creating the life we know is ours to have. By putting in the effort we can heal ourselves, fully enjoy this experience, and assist others too through our creativity and gifts.

Click the links for more information, and if I am able to assist you with anything before making decision please just let me know.

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Shadow Work Course

The Shadow Work Course allows you to find out more about your unconsciousness and of the collective unconscious. And provides ways for you to heal the Shadow and resolve into greater fullness of being.  A very necessary aspect of work that we all need to do to progress consciously in our lives. And to resolve the suffering challenges that we experience both inwardly and outwardly in our relationships and day to day circumstance. It’s also through the healing of our Shadow that we expand in our creativity and expression.


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Remote Healing Course

The Remote Healing Course trains you to do just that Heal other people energetically from a distance. It gives you all of the information and practical insight needed to expand into this practice. It also assists you in developing a money making service in communication with new clients.


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I’ve been very fortunate to have the opportunity to meet and work with many people over the years assisting their own transformational endevours. It’s been so worthwhile and such a gift that teaches me. I so appreciate being able to share the information and insights that I have received in experience and from the wise and dedicated mentors I have worked with. And to see other people progress and make positive life change as a result. ~ Ronnie Whittaker

Cheryl, Ohio, USA

Ronnie is a well developed, kind, and totally loving, humble soul.  It is obvious that he has spent a considerable amount of time disciplining and processing himself as he is very clear and concise.  His wisdom and knowledge is easy to understand and profound, in my humble view. In working with Ronnie, I’ve been able to understand life in a new way.  My life has become easier and clarity has become normal again.  I feel safe with Ronnie even though I never met him personally.  I will continue to be attuned to his wisdom and teachings as it has helped me continue my progress to well being.

Luke, Scotland

Ronnie is an unorthodox and effective teacher/ facilitator whether you are just beginning on the path of healing and realization or if you have been doing it for a while and feel in need of a shake up in perception. His courses and events are highly recommended, he provides a non judgmental space where one can let go of anxiety and blockages and allow life to move through freely. Ronnie brings many years of dedication and experience as well as humility in his own being. It is after all a never-ending process of deeper and deeper realization, teachers are students too! I highly recommend working with him.

Fiona, Scotland

I took part in Ronnie’s last online course, it was the most important journey I have embarked on ever. In less than a year my life has changed so profoundly in so many ways. Some of them subtle and ongoing some of them huge. And I can hardly believe in only ten months from the start I have moved from a person full of fears, unresolved issues, depression, grief, unresolved shadow, and a feeling like my soul is dying into a person who is alive and full of love and life and colour.

I have met other travelers along the way. It was beautiful to see everyone’s progress online and know the feeling of support. And to attend events.

Ronnie has a unique ability to see what is going on within and assists each individual in the way that is best for them. He is honest and forthright and caring.

I can’t thank Ronnie enough for everything he helped me to achieve. I feel privileged for the opportunity of taking part and working with him. I am also and will always be eternally grateful to the person who introduced me to Ronnie at exactly the right time. Xxx

Anonymous, USA

I do look back at the previous online course for walking the talk of being human and divine. Like children I suppose. I learned this intellectually a long time ago.. Actually being there it took practice and that is exactly what the course and Ronnie’s disciplined and loving guidance gave me.

My biggest problem was fear of confrontation, Not with a stranger or anything..With my nearest and dearest! I learned that family are people nothing more nothing less, as I am. I learned to stand my ground with humility. Sounds contradictory when you hear it like that for the first time. The course brought about the end of that time for me. I speak and feel my needs more clearly and lovingly and it actually frees others up to be heroes too.

Ronnie’s strength lies in his open clear communication. He is also a gifted psychic and empath. How gifted I was last year to learn that a Stuart Wilde trained Mystic was opening a course for us  and how Ronnie carried us all forward on our journey and dropped us right side up squarely grounded on our own two feet. I humbly thank my stars that Ronnie walked into my life, threw it up in the air and trained me with his own tools to set it right. The journey isn’t over, far from that. I’m blessed to know Ronnie and my course pals. See you all soon xxx

Adrian, Scotland

Ronnie is the most knowledgeable, honest, intuitive and loving person I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting in the flesh.

He has helped me answer many questions i didn’t think anyone could. He has taught me to see with my own two eyes, the true nature of reality. He has taught me about the different aspects of the human psyche and what is really happening during the different experiences and interactions we humans call ‘life’.

As corny as it sounds, i really do feel blessed to have met Ronnie. Like the universe threw me a bone!

Alison, Scotland

Ronnie is an easy going guy who is genuinely interested in sharing his knowledge with others. He continues to push ahead fearlessly without ego and the range of his activities continues to grow. It’s been great meeting Ronnie and others who I’ve met through his work. I look forward to continuing to take part in future courses and events that Ronnie has planned.

Miranda, Hong Kong

I joined Ronnie’s previous course in early 2016.  During such, Ronnie spoke to me in a way very different from how I acquired knowledge in the past, which was primarily intellectual.  Rather, he spoke to me in a very intuitive way that it aroused my true feeling side, bringing my energy from the head space to the heart space, yet at the same time guiding me in distinguishing emotions, and eventually living in the true dimension of feelings, which is totally different from my conditioned cultural background.

To notice what real love is, what feeling loved is, how to choose to love consciously, and how the feeling of merely caring, has transcended me in so many ways, which are precious, helpful and important.  These all began from shadow healing…  How to see it, embrace it and to bring light on it. Constant and dedicated practice is the key and this journey is still continuing.  I couldn’t imagine if I haven’t partaken in this journey at that moment. 

I am grateful to have joined Ronnie’s course and if you are also feeling the calling and having full trust and dedication to an evolutionary journey, this course could be an appropriate chance to start healing the Self and reclaim your soul in this lifetime.  All the best