You’re welcome to experience the benefits of this Sound and Energy Healing Ceremony with Cannabis Oil. I have worked with the Oil for some time now as a profound healing agent that facilitates deep physiological healing resolving aberrations of the nervous system and dissolving the psycho emotional wounding that causes muscular weakening, resistances and ailments within the body.

This helps straighten out the psychology and challenging behavioral cycles too as everything is linked. The nervous system is linked to the physiological contractions that we experience in our unconscious fears and defending. And these fears and defending are linked to the behavioral tendencies that cause us to shrink, shy away from, or separate ourselves from life and other people. 

Cannabis Oil in this process of straightening supports the integration of our conscious presence into the body. Our re-connection with the planet, grounding and Spiritual embodiment. It facilitates the balance of both masculine and feminine aspects of our being.

I’m very surprised that this profound healer whilst being used for the treatment of countless medical conditions and diseases worldwide is not used more within the Conscious movement. I think it will be in time. So here we may be a little ahead of the curve.

This is not CBD Oil, which is Cannabis Oil that has the removal of the psychoactive THC component. This is pure 100% Cannabis Oil including the THC component.

The difference between the two is that CBD Oil treats the physiology but lacks the psycho-energetic opening that pure Cannabis Oil activates within us. As you know we are multidimensional beings and everything that we experience in the body and mind has it’s roots in the energetic. 

The experience to expect with Cannabis Oil is one of relaxation and opening. Giving the ability for your waking consciousness to infiltrate, explore and resolve aspects of your being that are weakened and contracted by past trauma, disappointments, rejections, and emotional resistances. 

Unlike other medicines such as Ayahuasca, Kambo or Iboga the Cannabis Oil Ceremony is more peaceful and calm and does not cause purging or situations of experience that may make you feel delirious and out of control. It’s not like that, it’s very different. It’s an enjoyable mind opening experience.

It is possible that hallucinations can occur with large doses, but there is no need to go there. The work can be done and benefits experienced without blowing the mind out of it’s sensory proportion.



The ceremony takes form as a sound healing journey supporting our consciousness into different aspects of being for grounding, depth and openness. This also makes it somewhat fun and guides us in the experience.

I also perform some Fractal Energetic healing for the group or yourself individually if desired. Thus we have the Cannabis Oil doing it’s work. The sound journey guiding the experience. And the energetic healing to help clear and resolve any blockages or areas of discomfort.

The ceremony takes place in my home space here in Glasgow and lasts for approximately 5 hours. During this time you are able to fully function, walk around and communicate. There is no problem there. The “buzz” so to speak is akin to one single puff of a joint 🙂 It’s very mellow and light. However the journey and internal healing effect is profound. 



The cost to participate in the ceremony is £60

This is made Payable in advance via Paypal, to ronnie@ronniesblog.com

Please make sure to send to “friends or family”, that way Paypal doesn’t take a deduction.

If you prefer to pay via Bank Transfer just drop me email for details.


After the Ceremony

In the days following ceremony you can expect a feeling of groundedness and consolidation of presence within your body. Perhaps lighter and more free in areas where you’ve before experienced stiffness or resistance. It’s inspiring too when you heal and receive insight in relation to that. This medicine is very much about inner balance, spiritual embodiment, and the resolution of psycho-emotional resistance. Along with all of it’s other well know healing properties which you can read about.

Next day or so you may feel a little tired, not bad though, and you can still fully function, communicate and go to work unless of course you work with heavy or dangerous machinery. In that case I recommend additional care.

Cannabis Oil is a great healing aid with vast medicinal benefits and contributes profoundly to your own self healing and transformational endevours. I can share more with you in the evening. And if you have any questions in the meantime just drop me an email or give me a call.



ps – May I kindly ask that you don’t share this webpage with anyone due to the obvious legal restrictions involved. If you do know anyone that may be interested then feel free to pass to them my email. Thank you 🙂