This is an opportunity to experience profound healing, and conscious energetic integration through the ceremonial use of Cannabis Oil. The Oil we use is 100% pure and complete with the psychoactive component THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol). 

Cannabis Oil has been used for centuries by many indigenous cultures to help treat a vast amount of illnesses and conditions. And in this modern day also is used to treat Cancer, Parkinson Disease and a whole host of other critical conditions.

The healing qualities of Cannabis Oil is profound. It has it’s own natural spirit and intelligence that can infiltrate and resolve energetic anomalies and damage within the body to bring healing beyond anything medical science may be able to do. This is why you may have heard stories of miraculous Cancer cures, or the overnight disappearance of blood-clots or Tumors. The Spirit of Cannabis works as an ally to the body to assist it’s natural healing capacity.

We use Cannabis Oil consciously in a ceremonial context to bring healing to the body and it’s energy system. To balance the masculine and feminine dynamics of our psyche, Resolve resistances. And to deepen integration of higher consciousness into the body.

During the ceremony you will find a relaxation occurs. Any conscious or unconscious agitation or nervousness is brought to calm and you may feel more settled and grounded within your body. Cannabis Oil subdues the agitation and damage of the nervous system which we all experience as a reaction to living in this modern life with all it’s noise, activity, and distraction. Or as a result of past trauma.

As calmness come into the body so too is the thinking mind subdued and dissolved. This gives you more opportunity to merge into feeling. And with feeling to feel into areas of the body where resistance is normally felt. And to feel through and bring consciousness into these areas. This is a primary function of the healing that takes place. 

We also facilitate a Shamanic Sound Healing Journey to allow the brain and our consciousness to entrain to different sound frequencies and drum rhythms so that deeper healing can occur. This also supports the psychoactive effect of Cannabis which is experienced sometimes as a mild hallucination of an internal dream like quality. The Shamanic Journeying effect guides you into other dimensional aspects of your psyche to help bring awareness and deep insight into your subconscious and superconscious being. Allowing a deeper mind opening experience and conscious expansion of Self.

The only side effects experienced from the Cannabis Oil is a mild tiredness next day. So please make sure to keep the following day as free as possible to allow for integration of the experience. And to take care too if needing to drive or operate machinery. The “stoned” affect from Cannabis Oil is very mild. You may hardly  even notice.

The ceremony lasts between 4 – 6 hours. And the affects of Cannabis Oil can linger longer. Sometimes up to 8 hours. During this whole time you are perfectly able to move around, walk, talk and function generally as normal. 

Cost for ceremony participation is £80.

Please use the below form to book your place.

We kindly ask that you do not share this information directly with anyone due to issues of legality here. But you’re more than welcome to inform trusted others via word of mouth. And if they are interested then they are welcome to get in touch and join the mailing list via Thank you

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