Shamanic Healing Ceremony with Hemp Oil

Date: Saturday 2nd June

Time: 4pm until 8pm

Location: Glasgow South Side (location disclosed on booking confirmation)

Getting there: By Car, or Bus

Preparation: Eat light on the day and bring a duvet/sleeping bag and cushion to rest on. 

Payment: £35 via Paypal link

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Hemp has been used for over a thousand years by most of the world’s great cultures as a medicine. Most people in the west are unaware that many ancient cultures also recognized the value of Hemp as an aide to spiritual practice.

Like any powerful medicinal plant, the energies of the plant must be used in a way that harnesses its basic properties to promote health and healing. When used correctly it can have a profound, enlightening effect.

For this reason, sects within Tibetan Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Sufism and a variety of other religious groups have used Hemp for spiritual practices. 

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The Ceremony

Our Ceremony is held in an intimate space for 5 participants and takes form as a restful gently active healing meditation session. You will be given a single dose of Hemp Oil to take and will learn how the medicine is experienced and works within the physio-energetic system of your being.

Dosage is in slightly thick oil form the size of a grain of rice and is very easy to ingest. It just melts away in the mouth within seconds.

There is no “stoned” affect as to what you might think or be aware of in terms of the affect of smoking Cannabis. The Hemp effect is really mild and gentle bringing a relaxation effect to the body and mind. You are still compos mentus and can speak and walk around just fine, Perhaps only feeling a little spacey and “out of context” in terms of normal every day consciousness and feeling of reality is experienced.

Subtle hallucinations may occur though unlikely. If they do they’re normally in the periphery of experience more so than being the main effect.

Normally it’s fine to drive after ceremony but you can check in with yourself to make sure. There will be no rush for you to leave afterwards so you can take your time.

The subtle effects of the medicine may continue for a few hours after the ceremony. Next day you may also feel better grounded and balanced consciously within your body.

The Spirit of Hemp like many other Plant Medicines can induce a life review during ceremony. Whereby you can see what’s going on in your life and where you may be acting out unconsciously against your own truth and integrity. So positive life change can occur as a result of reflective experience.

Profound healing can occur on every level multidimensionally. And this is what is facilitated via conscious discourse, meditation, chanting, sound healing, and energy healing throughout the evening.

It’s not unknown for physical ailments, illness, and cancerous growths within the body to be healed in just one session. This medicine is very profound and has it’s own conscious intelligence.


Booking your Place

To confirm your place make payment as above via Paypal. You will then receive word back from myself letting you know the exact location of the ceremony. And answering any questions too you might have. Bookings are final, no refunds are given.



We are working with the full Hemp product including THC. Therefore complete discretion of communication is required.


Thank you