The Shadow Healing Course


Course Content

The Shadow Healing course is made up of 14 Video’s (5 hours) jam packed with practical excersizes and techniques to assist the identification and healing of your Shadow.


Topics covered include….

The manifestation of Shadow within collective society and our individual consciousness

The necessity of willingness, dedication, and bravery in the progression of Shadow Healing

Dreamwork, our inner guidance system and multidimensional self

Morphogenetic fields of the collective unconscious

Energy Clearing, Nature and Perception

The identification and resolution of fear

Identifying the physiological manifestation of psycho-energetic wounding

Resolving the pain of past experience and relationship

Resolving behavioural hostilities

Psychic protection and alignment with lightness and truth

Learning the movement of surrender

The purpose and practise of Prayer

Trueness, self honesty and the continued resolution from unconsciousness


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