So much is being revealed synonymous in ourselves and the collective these days.

I’ve mainly been quietly observing all the many arguments, opinions, and beliefs expressed throughout social media, news media, and politics, As well as feeling and seeing what’s been moving within me too.

All of the relative perspectives bear both truth and untruth. With truth and untruth being revealed ever more clearly in a dance like movement of a toroidal field or evolving fractal.

The energy of one perceptive view and belief expressing and showing itself in one way, and another perceptive view and belief moving another way. But all still part of the whole, and actually part of a collective fluctuation that isn’t as such moving anywhere.

It’s just dying, birthing and evolving in front of our eyes, within our own consciousness.

There is no getting away from us  There is no getting away from the views and beliefs that you rebuke because it’s part of your consciousness too. Prevalent, revealed, or unrevealed.

We cannot resolve from this messiness using yours or any of our beliefs and ideals. Because there is something else happening and awakening within our individual and collective consciousness that doesn’t care about your beliefs. In that it’s beyond belief.

Our life here as a human being on earth living this reality is doing so for the purpose of waking us back up to the realization of God.

To see the illusory nature of this dream. This dream that is both projected from us and lived in by us.

This is the highest truth, and is also the fundamental basis of probably all Spirituality and Religion.

The shape of this experience isn’t determined by our personal selves.

What even is that personal self? Have you looked beyond learned names and meanings to find out?


But without bypassing the human experience with its values, moral laws, intelligence and emotion. We at the same time can’t live our deepest truth and highest intelligence by playing in the confusion of human drama over and over again.

Not even by waiting or desiring that everybody wakes up and saves the ruination of the planet. Because that’s a hell of a shift that seems extremely unrealistic.

You only need to look at what it’s taken for ourselves in the Spiritual Conscious life experience to wake up and to continue in and through this process of healing resolution.

I speak for myself with it being 20 years so far from facing and experiencing great suffering, much sweat, fear, growth, and tears.

That’s from someone who has been purely dedicated to that task, process and way of life.

The majority isn’t, and we ain’t gonna wake them up. No matter how much we stress, exclaim and argue about our particular beliefs and ideals.

The lesson I’m getting from now is to feel through and heal my own psyche more attentively as I observe, feel and experience this situation of humanity and consciousness. Without allowing myself to join into the confusion of it. For as much as I can.

I look back over my shoulder to the previous hours, days, and months and recognize that by taking sides and concluding on any of the popular beliefs that have presented themselves, political, conspiratorial, or religious. I would have been solidifying an identity, wearing a particular hat, and ultimately deluding myself.

Because nothing has remained solid during these times.

Mainly because we have been experiencing a LOT of change and upheaval that we haven’t fully understood nor been prepared for.

Unmapped ground.

You can see some totally stuck in their ways., and others starting to shift and wake up.

In this overwhelming change has come much transformation, and with this transformation much revelation and shifting of perception and thus consciousness.

Fears and unconscious programming within ourselves and society appearing more apparent, shifting, changing and even dissolving away.

But there is a lot to heal and as a result the collective experience can and does get very messy as we see.

If we are going through an accelerated shift at the moment then there’s more to come. A LOT more.

More aspects of human fear, anger, and unconsciousness to rise up and play out within us, around us and in front of our screens and in the quantum mirror of this (un)reality.

Holding onto any beliefs about things and sparring with the outer reality may be energy wasted.

Energy that could instead be used to tend more fully to our own consciousness, self healing, and wholehearted connection with our divinity, the planetary cosmos, and each other.

At the same time yes our expression and truth telling is real and valid, and so too the reality of our individual and collective human experience.

We’re going to live through that. It’s not about getting all Spiritual and flying away. It’s about living more deeply from our divine nature. From our deepest truth and highest intelligence more so than from the passing figments of emotion, fear and dark imaginings

This is the resolution of our times..


I’m going to be communicating a lot more about this with a free webcast this Sunday 7th June, (Monday if you’re in Australia )and offering a clear path through these times so that we can further heal, awaken and evolve ourselves..

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You’re most welcome to be there.


Ronnie Whittaker