Resolution is the Online Course I offer people who are more dedicated to the process of inner/outer resolve. Resolution of the psycho-energetic wounding that affects our well-being, relationships, and life experience. Resolution of the suffering concerns that cause us challenge and restriction in our day to day experience.

It facilitates a process of deepening and expansion of your consciousness and awareness of energy and the unseen realms of existence. It facilitates the development of your creativity, passion, and sense of purpose. Encouraging a deeper opening to your authentic self and integration of your higher consciousness into your human experience.

The course takes place in a private forum

A well held space of safety and resolve. Where you can let down and join with others in the process. And work with me directly.

I offer a methodology to help you heal yourself and develop strength in expression, creativity, energetic and perceptive abilities. A process that I myself have been taught and have gone through over the past 16 years with the guidance and support of my teachers. The benefit now is that the process will be much quicker for you.

It works on both the practical intellectual level and energetically in terms of receiving transmission that will help unlock and heal the places of resistance within your being whilst supporting the realization of your truth, depth of consciousness, and creative self expression.

The course costs £199, and what you get for this is…

  • Full 24/7 access to the private members forum where you can share and ask your questions in relation to the content and your experience in the resolution process.
  • Full access to all group webcasts and online meditations and energy transmissions
  • Full access to all private video, audio, and written materials created specifically for the course
  • The opportunity to have free one to one coaching sessions over telephone, skype or face to face with me
  • The opportunity to receive free energy healing supporting your activities in the course
  • 50% discount off all my transformational events including conscious dance (if you’re local in Scotland). And online events for overseas participants. 

The content covered in the course is as follows…


Resolution of Being: Resolving the emotional distortions that affect your inner world and relationship with yourself and other people. Resolving issues of anger, control, worry, anxiety, fear, over thinking, sadness, depression, procrastination, judgement, self-criticism, feeling separate, alone, and any of these things.

Resolution of Power: Developing strength and willingness, dedication, discipline, personal power, self responsibility, and commitment to life.

Resolution of Perception: Activating and or deepening abilities of manifestation, psychic awareness, energy healing, lucid dreaming, inner vision, and extra sensory perception

Resolution of Expression. Developing creativity, confidence, and communication. Making money, creating and developing your own business or creative interests.

Resolution of Relationship. Resolving the separations and dysfunctional cycles of relationship. Deepening intimacy, sexual responsiveness, love, authenticity and truthfulness.

Resolution of Consciousness: Resolving from the collective drama seen and felt within the world. Within the family, work or social groups. Deepening, expanding, and embodying your Spiritual being. Bringing to earth your higher faculties of knowing and perception.

Evolving into a clearer, brighter, and more real version of yourself. Enjoying life, enjoying beauty. Resolving suffering misperception. Deepening insight, and igniting your passions.


The course is available for a limited amount of time

Once the right amount of people have joined the doors will close so I can focus my time with everyone. Expect the duration of the course to run from between 6 months to 1 year. This may be helpful for you to go at your own steady pace alongside the other activities and responsibilities of your life. No pressure. However, your dedication will be helpful to you.

To pay for the course and get immediately started 

Just send the £199 payment amount via Paypal: paypal.me/ronniewhittaker/199

If you prefer to pay via Bank Transfer then just email for details: ronnie@ronniesblog.com

Once you make payment you’ll receive an email to confirm with more details and access information for you to get started.

Thank you. it’s with honour and dedication that I offer this course and opportunity for you



ps – payment options are available if you are unable to pay the total amount at once, just get in touch