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Remote Healing

Course Description

On signing up for the course you will have the opportunity to work directly with me through the video transmissions and private members forum.

You will also learn in clear practical detail the following…


  • How to prepare yourself and your environment for your remote healing work
  • How to relate with clients professionally and for their benefit
  • How to deepen into the space of remote healing
  • How to connect energetically with your client
  • How to read your client and initiate healing
  • How to feel and see internally 
  • How to magnify into the areas that require work
  • How to perform the healing
  • How to remove and clear harmful energetic anomalies
  • How to heal with sound
  • How to heal with movement
  • How to heal with intention
  • How to setup energetic protection for your client
  • How to apply advanced healing techniques
  • How to close the session
  • How to produce a healing report for your client



The course lasts for 10 weeks working at your own pace



When you sign up you will receive…

  • 10 instructional videos, sent 1 per week
  • 8 practical excersizes to assist your integration of the course material
  • Access to the private members forum where you can receive answers to any questions and learn from other course members experiences
  1. Communication templates you can use in the interaction with your clients


Start Time

You can start anytime now



On completion of the course you will have all of the information, knowledge, and practical ability needed to be able to perform remote energetic healing for any willing person living anywhere from across the world



£130 made paypable via Paypal:

Or via bank transfer, just email for details


Within 24 hours of payment being made you will receive an email with the course introduction video and further information to help get you started.


I’m very grateful to be able to offer this course to you and thank you so much for your consideration in working with me. The benefits are good for all of us.



Ronnie Whittaker