I’ve been working with various plant medicines since 2008 and have found them an absolutely vital part of my own journey of self healing. Many people get the wrong idea about them and consider them to be just some bizarre drugs that people take to get high and trip out on. I know nobody who has taken plant medicines for that purpose. I don’t think it’s even possible that anybody would want to do that, if after trying for the first time. These medicines are not some frivolous Saturday night head trip that you’d take hanging with your mates. They are deep and profound earthly intelligence’s that help to detoxify the physiology and heal on many levels mind, body, soul. In this process they also deepen and expand your consciousness and can show you many things about the nature of ourselves, life, and of this supernatural reality.

I now help facilitate various plant medicine journeys for the dedicated and sincere, and for those especially who train with me. You’re most welcome to get in touch and join the mailing list to find out what’s happening:

Here i’ll describe a little bit of what I feel in my experience are the deeper purpose and function of some of these medicines. You can of course read more the detail about them via Google or checkout some Youtubes.



Brings you back into alignment with pure Soul. In the process of this it will detoxify your physical, psychological and emotional parts bringing to surface all that is not in alignment with your true inner being. Gives you the opportunity to face, see and accept the aspects of your character that are hurtful or damaging to yourself and others. So it will bring up your stuff to be dealt with, which is good.

Through the experience of Ayahuasca you may also be shown or gain insight and perception into the deeper nature of reality. So it may show you how cells form within the body, how galaxies have come to be, or how other dimensional realities exists with different beings and intelligence’s there. 

A profound medicine and often a changer of many peoples lives.



A very grounding medicine. Brings your consciousness more deeply into your body. And in the process of this, much like Ayahuasca it will detoxify on all levels. It can purify and remove deeply entrenched negatively affecting psychological patterns. So for instance in my experience it went deeply into my mind and weeded out unconscious patterns of self criticism, judgement, self hate, and the likes. It also purifies the psycho-emotional source of addiction. Whether you are addicted to Heroin, Cigarettes, or Chocolate. It neutralizes the emotional pang and psychological dependency on any of these things.

Iboga can open up your consciousness to other dimensional realms or aspects of your being for insight and information. Or to the eternal void of existence which it did for me.  This opening can stay and integrate with you. So you remain very much down to earth but more conscious of your deeper truer nature. That’s its affect. Life changing, often in a very subtle and intangible way.

I have a video below that explains the experience a little more, the Ayahuasca experience too.



This I would call an earthly medicine because it’s not plant based. It comes in form from the toxic secretion of the Giant Monkey Tree frog found in the Amazon jungle. It’s a profound agent of physiological detoxification and helps to remove “negative” energy from your being. It’s an experience that lasts between 10 and 20 minutes and can often be quite challenging as you purge the physical and psycho-emotional toxins from your system. 

Your skin is pierced a little bit for application by the burning end of a small bamboo stick so that the secretion can enter into your bloodstream. Some people report having visions with this medicine but overall it’s a swift and powerful detoxification that leads to far greater health and wellbeing. In my experience I went from a person living life to a person really enjoying life. It opened me up further and resolved many long held resistances within my body.

It reboots your immune system and is well known to cure many diseases and conditions.


Cannabis Oil

In it’s pure non filtered form this plant medicine can bring great physical and psycho-emotional healing. It resolves the agitations of the nervous system helping you relax and feel more present within the body. It doesn’t offer a big stone like you may feel if smoking hash or Marijuana. It’s a lot more subtle and natural in its feeling. Very integrative for the body allowing your consciousness to deepen and expand giving more space for you to feel through and infiltrate with consciousness the aspects of your physiology that may be closed down, heavy, or resistant. So if you have any psycho-emotional wounding in any particular area for-instance heart or throat then this medicine will create the space for you to heal yourself trough intention.

It also has it’s own conscious intelligence and will itself infiltrate and resolve areas of the physiology that need healing. It’s a great plant to work with and can also like Ayahuasca, and Iboga show you aspects of yourself that are out of alignment with your true being and integrity.

Some people report having visions and hallucinations when using this however that depends very much on the amount taken. For this medicine you do not need a big amount for its healing effect.

Assists greatly in the process of integrating ones consciousness more fully into the body.


Raw Cacao

Cacao is chocolate in it’s purest form. Used years ago and still today as an aphrodisiac It facilitates an opening of the heart and deeper presence within the body. It purify’s the blood and emotional body too and has various other affects which you can read about. It’s a legal “superfood” that can be used in a ceremonial context with intention to bring great healing. It helps to deepen and ground ones consciousness into the body, and also has a mild euphoric affect too  It’s a great medicine and intelligence of it’s own.



These are just some of the medicines i’ve worked with. And are the one’s I offer facilitation of at this time. The video below you may find quite interesting. It’s of my own personal experience with Ayahuasca and Iboga. Again if you’d like to touch base and find out more what’s happening just email. Thank you