The purpose of Mystical experience is to show us what we are and our potential.

Once the opening of Mystical experience has occured the consciousness of it remains available to you. 

If you’ve had multiple of these experiences then each one can show a piece of a greater reality. Each dot connecting to the other, levelling up your consciousness.

Last night as I lay in bed feeling and exploring within. I noticed greater sight and feeling of depth within my mind. Within my being, Of an omni-present hyperdimensional phenomenon.

It took me a while to choose those words because it’s inexplicable.

I recognise the nature of this “omni-present hyperdimensional phenomenon” from previous “Mystical” experiences as well as from some Plant Medicine journeys.

Now it seems that access to this phenomenon remains completely here and open to me.

Previously I had little glimpses noticing the nature of this within my being. When time and space collapses and the world around and within me just swirls into a fluid dream-like vortex. Yet I am still here as the body simultaneously.

The body world experience is here, and the dream-like experience here too. A seamless hyperdimensional phenomenon.

Hyperdimensional in that there is no straight up, down, left, right or forward movement of time. 

This body world dimension that we find ourselves within is tiny and can fit on a pin head. Our laws of physics in no way govern the hyperdimensional experience of Consciousness.

When our perception of time and space collapses then we can realise first hand how everything is here happening now simultaneously and infinitely in every way you could ever imagine.

A dream may be the only way to explain it really in the experience of it. But to really get that you need to notice and dissolve any unconscious beliefs you may have about dreaming not being real.

The Nature of Mind Consciousness as I have entitled this writing is the nature of everything as dream. The word Mind is just borrowed from the Buddhist way of explaining it.

It is dream as in boundless, mysterious, yet intimately close to us.

It’s inherently what we are.

Dream is all

Not contained within our ideas of a dream. But a dream that expands throughout and far outwith the idea of who and what we think we are.

You observe the feeling of infinite darkness within you. But notice also that dark void is living alive and not contained within your head. Nor contained as a thing within the objects and definitions of this world.

It’s a fluid-like being that creates fractal hollographically in infinate proportion.

A totally bizarre supernatural phenomenon.

So what then does this mean to us?

It doesn’t mean anything. This nature of mind consciousness is what we are.

And this body world dimension around us is solildified by our unconscious belief in it.

This is what we’ve created in this supernatural mind of God.

Our thoughts, investments, hopes and fears keep it all in place.

It’s not real in any way we might ever have thought.

The Masters of our experience learned this and woke up from the illusion of this body world dimension.  And thus did not operate within the bounds of worldly belief, but were able to dream and create differently. Hence their Supernatural abilities in the experience of what we call Miracles.


Evoke the realistion of infinite consciousness through time and space collapse through the instructions given in Phase 3 of the 4 Phases of Conscious Evolution.

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