Mystical Experience 

To be honest everything could be considered a mystical experience when you take in the fact of our existence. The chance, probability and wonder of being here on this planet, in this universe, experiencing life in these bodies is quite tremendously awesome.

This view even from a scientific perspective.

Science though, mainstream anyway doesn’t account much for the energetic aspect of ourselves as humans. But consider the fact of our abilities of dreaming and imagination, love, creativity and feeling. And you can see how the intangible is every bit as real in our experience.

Fundamentally everything comes down to energy. And the view and experience of our world is a matter of perception. Our bodies are a point of perception, a point of experience in the tapestry of life as a whole living and existing supernatural phenomenon.

As points of experience the world reflects our being and inner experience both on conscious and unconscious levels. The feeling of ourselves, our mood even, has the effect of shifting and shaping how we see and experience the world. Smile and the world smiles with you. What you give you receive.

People will argue that this is not always the case and they’re right. Our unconsciousness plays a part too. What’s going on in our unconsciousness? It’s where our fears and emotional repressions exist. Tucked down out of sight. Pushed away from conscious dealings. 

Our unconsciousness is shaping our world experience too and that’s why things can be challenging, gruesome or chaotic. It’s why we see in our world all the chaos and suffering. And why we too suffer in ourselves.

Understanding this and taking responsibility for this is our first step in reclaiming our supernatural power. Resolving the unconsciousness is the second step. Creating then more consciously is the 3rd step. The steps overlap and intertwine. The process isn’t linear. 

Through the process we initiate more deeply into the supernatural. To the point of recognizing that the supernatural is actually the natural and that we are naturally supernatural 🙂

The world experience is only here because we are. Our point of experience is what creates it. How that comes to be I don’t know. But I’ve learned how true it is through various what you might call “mystical experience”. Times when you feel and see yourself in the eyes of all beings. Times when the solidity of walls begin to fade and dissolve in front of your eyes. Times of when the world disappears into a river of golden light.

Creating mystical experience is fairly easy. There are methods to train yourself to feel and see beyond the “known”. These I show people during my events and online courses. The important thing to consider though is what’s needed to resolve ourselves outright from the suffering experience of our world. 


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