In my work as a Conscious Dance DJ in our Scotland based events I spend a lot of time intuitively selecting and blending music together to produce a Sound Journey for the crowd that come to our events. Not only do I craft for peoples enjoyment and dance but to also help facilitate different states of being that will support the transformational experience of the night. This is an art i’m learning more and more each time.

I have just finished another project using sound. Myself and co-producer William Hayes have been producing electronic music for nearly 20 years now. We grew up in the Techno Dance / Rave era of the 90’s and hooked right into that sound producing and releasing records and CD’s across many different countries. Nowadays however we create  sound for physiological effect and transformational purpose. This project we’ve just finished is a Binaural Wave System that can be used alongside intention to assist greater self awareness and help evoke different states of being.

Binaural Waves work best listening undisturbed via headphones because each channel left and right plays a different frequency that the brain when it interprets these creates it’s own 3rd frequency. This 3rd frequency affects the speed of brainwaves. 

The normal waking speed of our brainwaves is Beta. When you’re in deep sleep the brainwaves cycle is at Delta. Alpha cycles occur when we’re in a relaxed or creative state. Theta occurs when we’re in meditation or trance.

We’ve used this science to create the MIND Binaural Wave System. Make Inner Noise Disappear. A tool that works with your intention to help support your daily experience and greater awareness of self.

Within the system there are 8 waves. Each one has a purpose to help evoke different states of being. For-instance, Meditation, sleep, creativity, perception, releasing negative emotion, evoking lucid dreaming, and other states.

There’s more information about them here and you can buy to download if you like. Just click the image:











Thank you, enjoy!