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New Earth Transition Community


The world that we know is over and the New Earth experience has begun. Right now however we are at the same time contending with the darkness and evils of our planet, and the fears and emotions within ourselves as we navigate through these changing times.


Resolving through the darkness, confusion, and uncertainty is part of the transition process and provides great ground for our healing resolution and shifting of consciousness.


As the darkness comes to a head and situations run their course we at the same time will transition from the old ways and systems into the new. Circumventing the imposed World Order.


Many of us have lived for these times. The reality of them here and now upon us. It’s thus time to apply ourselves to the direction needed to consciously transition.


We are an awakened community of individuals from different countries embarking on this same journey together through the 5 elements of evolutionary transition.


These include…


  • Reclaiming your personal sovereignty. Resolving your practical and emotional dependancies upon the functions of matrix society. Standing in your own true natural confidence and expression whilst consciously navigating the challenges of our times.


  • Healing your consciousness. Resolving the shadows of your own unconscious mind including current fears and negatve psycho-emotional experiences from the past. Raising your consciousness, liberating yourself in return to clear wholeness


  • Creating local awakened community. To assist practical survival and transition through these times. Birthing the consciousness and practical cohabitation of a new sovereign humanity.


  • Evolving into the New Earth experience. Shifting our consciousness through continued transformation and awakening. Through continued cohabitation of conscious communities. Through living and realising our natural connection with the consciousness of Planet Earth and of our inner outer Universe — We can do it!


  • 5th Element comes later in the process


You can progress and embody each of the elements through the content and collaborations in the members portal


The Members Portal


By joining the members portal you are directly supported through the transition, and receive…..


  • Your own login access to the members forum


  • Access to all the video content and practical guidance


  • Access to all the audio and written materials too


  • Access to Zoom gatherings


  • Access to all online events 


  • Free access to the New Earthers forum too


There is also several live events and gatherings that you can attend as optional extras to help fully integrate the 5 elements


These include evening and weekend workshops, and plant medicine ceremonies


More information about the events are communicated within the community.


We ensure absolute safety and privacy of all information online and in your participation within each of the events.



Join the Community


Membership is available for a supportive monthly donation of just $19 USD


United Kingdom it’s £14 GBP


Euros 16

Australian Dollars $26


Your donation contributes towards running the community, events and website technologies


Donation is setup via recurring Paypal subscription which you can end yourself at any time.


Just fill out the form below and click the Paypal button at the foot of the page to setup your subscription now


As soon as that is done you’ll receive an email with details on how to login to the members portal


Welcome to the Community and to the begining of a whole new experience of life 🙂



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