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Advanced Mysticism

For just £19 per month you can do the course of Advanced Mysticism and receive ongoing instructional guidance and support for your Spiritual Conscious Evolution and Ascension.


Is this course right for you?

If the answer is Yes to most of the following…

  • You are dedicated to your own Spiritual Conscious Journey
  • You have done or are continuing significant Self Healing work
  • You want something more than just the same old same old Spiritual Mainstream vibe
  • You want to learn new insights and abilities
  • You are prepared to take up the disciplines of a Mystical path
  • You are content in living a Mystical life beyond the every day known


What you can expect to learn from the course…

  • The phases of Conscious Evolutionary progression in this lifetime
  • Clear ongoing instruction to help you progress and complete these phases
  • Deep understanding of Physiological Metaphysics (The Reality of Self)
  • Embodying advanced methods of energy work
  • Developing advanced abilities of perception
  • Developing advanced healing abilities
  • Developing advanced creative manifestation abilities
  • Developing Mystical abilities unspoken
  • Understanding the Metaphysics of Life, Death, and other Dimensions
  • Realising and living the Heavenly in the Earthly
  • Creating and facilitating the Birth of Ascended collectives
  • Creating new energetics of living experience within these collectives
  • And absolutely so much more…


What you get access to practically in the course….

  • Your own Personal Private login
  • A dedicated path of Advanced Mysticism, Practical Metaphysics, and Ascension
  • Access to the Private Member’s Forum
  • Daily Video Content
  • Featured Written Content
  • Featured Web-Classes on Advanced Metaphysical Topics
  • Group Meetings over Webcam during auspicious times and events
  • Metaphysical Teachings and Energy Transmissions over Webcam
  • Direct One to One Q&A Support from Ronnie
  • Reference availability to all previously recorded Web Classes, Group Talks, and Videos
  • Member’s discount off all Online Courses, Public Web-Classes, and Events @ Ronnie’s Blog
  • Meditations and Transmissions via MP3 Download
  • Conscious Dance DJ Mixes and Original Music via MP3 Download
  • An ongoing Mystical Transformational experience
  • And more…

The price for membership is £19.00 per Month.

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