Course Content

The Live your Love Course consists of 31 Videos (10 Hours) of practical and metaphysocal training to help you birth your passions into the world and create a money making business for yourself.

Great f you wish to start or boost your current business operations

Topics covered include…


The course video’s and practical materials related to this area will help you resolve creative blocks, understand how creativity works, manage inspiration and master manifestation, whilst developing vision, focus, and willpower enough to complete your tasks and projects.


The organisation section helps you to channel your inspiration into the physical, practical doing. Allowing you to translate your visions and inspirations into practical tasks. And to manage the fulfillment and manifestation of your work, stress free and with minimum challenge.


The expression section guides you through the process of finding, developing, and strengthening your voice. It supports your natural confidence and ability to get clear on what it is you wish to say and communicate to the world in relation to your service. It also helps your branding and advertising so that it aligns with you truly in a way that is appealing to other people too.


The connection section supports your interaction with the world, people, your customers in a way that assists your relationships and development of your creative service and sales. It helps you make trusted connections with people and develop community and enthusiasm around your work and products and of course to make sales!


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