The dots on my arm above were made by a trained Kambo practitioner using the burning end of a bamboo stick to pierce my skin. After the piercing a Frog venom is applied.

Kambo is the name given to the venomous secretion gained from the skin of the Giant Monkey Tree Frog. A species of Frog found native to the Amazonian Rain Forest.


This Frog medicine is revered by the Indigenous Tribes who’ve been using it for centuries to help cure Malaria and boost their strength and stamina for hunting. However it can also cure many other infections and diseases such as migraine’s, blood circulation issues, Alzheimers and Parkinson’s disease, vascular insufficiency, organ diseases, Cancer, fertility problems in women, hepatitis, and even AIDS

It’s an amazing wee Frog! And the reason I chose to partake in Kambo ceremony is to help resolve psycho-energetic blocks, aberrations of the nervous system and unconscious emotional resistance. The Frog venom heals on every level, Mind, Body and Spirit. Thus most Kambo practitioners in the modern world use it as part of their Spiritual self healing.

Seems weird but my God this little Frog is a treasure. And since I took Kambo I have noticed such a profound effect within my mind and physiology. Old deep and buried psycho emotional wounding has been resolved and purged from out my system. Stuff that I just couldn’t get to in my own practice. It would take years man to work it all out but here within 5 minutes of Kambo you are healing decades worth of psycho-emotional distortion.

The process however isn’t very comfortable because all you’re basically doing is purging and lying on the floor totally weakened whilst the Kambo moves through your system to do it’s work. It clears out your lymphatic system and gives your body an immune system restart. You can feel the refresh afterwards within you. It’s not just surface level, it’s very deep. It brings you Spiritually into your humanness.

I found that the healing from each session deepens upon the last. So it really get’s down into the root and heart of things and supports the transformation of your consciousness. Not in any wowzer psychedelic way but simply as an entering into the body space more fully as resistances are healed.

That’s been my experience of it but as you can see and even research for yourself the benefits of Kambo are astounding!

Be well

Love Ronnie


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