In 2001 at the tail end of an extremely dark and confused period of my life I experienced an opening to the greater consciousness of this living experience. My family and many of the people who knew me at the time thought I was completely deluded, tripping out or going crazy. No wonder really. As I would voice my experience of the non solid nature of reality and the psychic phenomenon I was seeing day to day. Quite naively, and very much egotistically attached.

Well I was in for a helluva ride since that time. My whole world and sense of self became totally obliterated 🙂 So good lol So painful and dramatic.

The process to resolve ourselves isn’t easy and it’s very important and helpful for us to receive the right information that we need. Not belief based ideologies. Forget that shit. But information that will assist us in the process of dismantling, purification and death. Death to our idealistic ways and unconscious fears and behavioral conditioning.

The Spiritual Journey as they call it is not for the faint of heart. It’s the most challenging of all endevours if taken on by us in full commitment. It destroys through the collusion of circumstance the very notion of what we take ourselves to be. It rips from us our attachments to the world and the things and people we hold dear. It’s very painful, confusing and results in great emotional despair.

But it’s necessary. We have in our unconsciousness been living blind. Not living true. But manufacturing ourselves in such a way so as to fit into this wayward society. This world society is a small piece of energy and information existing within a large infinite scale of consciousness. Step out into nature away from this world society and you start to think and feel differently. A simple example.

What we think we know about this life is minute and often completely untrue when all that we’re doing is living a life hooked into the ways of this society. Hooked into that small piece of energy and information. Hooked into the beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours of this small piece of energy and information.

We become physiologically en-trained to it. We think our very survival depends on it and our place within it. And we shrink ourselves, our lives, and our perceptions to the size and expectations of it. It’s totally restrictive. We are far more than these little bodies going to work or watching TV all day. We are far more than these little Spiritual people with beliefs about chakras and the afterlife. We are far more than our association to ‘things’.

Information is essential to proceed. There is so much crap coming out of the TV and mainstream media. There is so much crap coming out of Religion and Spirituality. It’s hard to find what’s true beneath and through it all. I’ll tell you  a little trick however. Because the information that we are exposed to reflects the information that we want and put up with. The trick is to get clear on what you truly want to see happen for yourself. If you want to be free. If you want to heal suffering. If you want to find out the truth of this existence then the information will be delivered to you.

Life responds to clear willingness and desire. Life will give you what you truly want. Your clear willingness and desire arises from the evolutionary impulse of life that emits from your very own Soul. That then is energetically translated into this creation and creation responds back with the experience for you in your day to day living. So get clear on what you want. Feel deeply into what’s true and follow the feeling with all focus and tenacity. There you will live in alignment with your Soul. And your Soul will take you into freedom and give you all that you truly wish for. Because that what you truly wish for is the creative impulse of your Soul. 

There is true desire and there is emotional wanting. I’m talking true desire. That which is inextinguishable. That which has been with you throughout life. Perhaps that which you have always felt that you will get round to some day 🙂 Well life here is short so you better get round to it quick.



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