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Feedback Testimonials

I took part in Ronnie’s last online course, it was the most important journey I have embarked on ever. In less than a year my life has changed so profoundly in so many ways. Fiona, Scotland

Ronnie is the most knowledgeable, honest, intuitive and loving person I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting in the flesh. Adrian, Scotland

I humbly thank my stars that Ronnie walked into my life, threw it up in the air and trained me with his own tools to set it right. Anon, USA

Ronnie’s courses and events are highly recommended, he provides a non judgmental space where one can let go of anxiety and blockages and allow life to move through freely. Luke, Scotland

In working with Ronnie, I’ve been able to understand life in a new way.  My life has become easier and clarity has become normal again.  I feel safe with Ronnie even though I never met him personally.  I will continue to be attuned to his wisdom and teachings as it has helped me continue my progress to well being. – Cheryl, USA

I am grateful to have joined Ronnie’s course and if you are also feeling the calling and having full trust and dedication to an evolutionary journey, this course could be an appropriate chance to start healing the Self and reclaim your soul in this lifetime. Miranda, Hong Kong


Course Description

On signing up for this course you will have the opportunity to work directly with me through the video transmissions and private members forum.

You will also learn in clear practical detail the following…


  • How the Shadow manifests individually within ourselves and collectively within humanity.
  • How the Shadow manifests within subconscious thinking and behaviours, and physiologically within the body.
  • How to guarantee success in self healing and gain the results you want. 
  • How to tap ever more deeply into your psychic and intuitive abilities.
  • How to vision and interpret dreams.
  • How the collective unconscious manifests in your day to day life, and how to free yourself from restriction and open more intuitively to wider fields of energy and information to bring deeper wisdom and inspiration to your life.
  • How to release yourself from the past and resolve any associated pains and negative stories that might be inhibiting you from living a better and more conscious life here in the present.
  • How to find out what your unconscious fears are and resolve them.
  • How to resolve tendencies of guilt, anger, sadness, worry, self hate, jealousy, victimization, judgement, and all of these things.
  • How to see the Shadow not just in yourself but in other people too.
  • How to connect more deeply with the divine.
  • How to resolve the separation wound that exists at the base of your being disconnecting you from your physical and intuitive connection with the planet. 
  • How to listen for, hear, and follow the true voice of your Soul to further heal yourself, make better your relationships, and create the experience of life that is more true to the inner you.



The course lasts for 16 weeks working at your own pace



When you sign up you will receive…

  • 14 instructional videos, sent 1 per week
  • 12 practical exercises to assist your self healing, conscious transformation, and integration of the course material
  • Access to the private members forum where you can receive answers to any questions and learn from other members experiences


Start Time

You can start anytime now



On completion of the course you will have all of the information, knowledge, and practical ability needed to heal the Shadow and to resolve yourself from suffering in this life. Through the process you will come to enhance your creativity, personal power and abilities of manifestation, and connect more deeply and authentically with yourself and others in relationship.



£199 made paypable via Paypal:

Or via bank transfer, just email for details


Within 24 hours of payment being made you will receive an email with the course introduction video and further information to help get you started.


Welcome, and thank you for your consideration to work with me here in such a deeply beneficial aspect of your own healing work and experience of life. I am here fully dedicated to your support. Feel free to get in touch if you have any questions. Or just go right ahead with your sign up and I will speak to you again very soon.


Thank you

Ronnie Whittaker