I’ve recently discovered another physio-energetic movement that initiates a sense of greater wholeness, safety and fulfillment in one’s experience of being here, in the world. As a human individual with a greater sense of depth, intimacy and alignment with the earth, with existence, with the whole.

As a word this movement could be identified and recognized as faith. 

Faith that your being is held in safety and in divine love inclusive of this life. Inclusive of the supernatural power that animates and creates this life. 

If you think about a tree. It doesn’t strive to grow or try to grow. It just grows and exists individually as it’s life. Individually as a part of life. It’s life and the energy of life that grows and sustains it.

It’s the same for us. No different. Life and the energy of life grows us and sustains us. We are held and looked after as part of the whole. We are mothered and cared for as part of the whole. 

As humans we have the ability to think and self reflect. Whereas tree’s don’t. 

Our thinking defines things. Believes things. Holds onto things. Shapes our internal experience. Our thinking creates energetically our experience. And our inward energetic experience comes to shape how we perceive and interact with the outside world. We can create. We have a lot of power. 

How are we creating though? Which thoughts are we thinking? What are we believing? Do we internally feel ourselves to be separate and alone? Separate from each other? Operating separately from the living flow of our environment?

Can we get a sense of the living flow of our environment? Can we stop thinking and release and relax into the living flow of our environment without thinking that we need to do something to fix something or make something happen? The tree doesn’t have a problem and it thrives.

If we can feel ourselves in our being. And feel ourselves within the living flow of our environment we can release the personal inclinations that come so automatically and unconsciously for us. And feel into and immerse our being within the living flow of life. And allow the living flow of life to give and guide us. 

This is all feeling. It’s not thinking or doing. It’s a feeling and sense of awareness that we cultivate through faith that it’s okay. That we don’t need to do anything in relation or reaction to the automatic thoughts and impulses of having to do something. Of needing to try. Of striving for different.

We can believe in life and not be so scared about things. Anxious or uncomfortable.

It’s a mysterious world. We cannot in all truth tell what’s going to happen from one day to the next. Planning works only on a superficial level and does not necessarily come to truth. But we operate in our ways to function in our life and that’s cool. Internally however where is our faith? Do we even feel and have faith? Do we have an appreciation for life? I mean all of the time. Can we feel life living through us and as us? Are we aware of the presence of life within our being? Or are we distracted? Chasing? Fighting? Mindlessly unaware of our earthly environment? Caught up in the energy of what’s going on with other people? In what’s going on in the news?

Can we just stop that for a moment? For a while, and just enjoy? Being here in faith that all is okay. Coming down out of our heads, Our thinking world, and instead feeling what’s around us in this earth. Allowing our energy to deepen inwardly, downwards and extending outwards into the life we feel and see before us. Resolving the separation and inherent sense of disconnection from the whole. It’s something to consider and a movement and practice to make real.

But we get busy. And that’s okay. There’s gaps in between the busyness. Can we rest aware in those gaps and feel again the faith of life? Of being here looked after. Cared for somewhat mothered by the whole. By this supernatural phenomenon of which we exist. Of which has created us to be.

Something to think about. To feel.