When I say Faith in Life I don’t mean Faith in world society 🙂 That’s unfortunately pretty buggered.

But for ourselves in our experiential existence realising Faith in Life is a good thing. It’s helpful. Because we all have been pretty buggered. Hurt, stressed, pained, lost, saddened, etc. It’s the fact

Faith calls for us to feel into and look at the bigger picture of life, of natural life. That which grows the trees and births the animals. It’s a creative intelligence that goes far beyond our reckoning. That’s if you will and do feel and observe life as a whole. A single unit and supernaturally complex system of intelligence.

This is the thing that birthed you, beats your heart and makes you breathe without your doing. It’s alive and we are tiny parts of it. Feeling ourselves as a part of it and feeling how all of it is moving, living, dying, and evolving we can get a sense of this single life and system.

It’s beyond our rational understanding and we don’t need to understand. We couldn’t of course anyway. And this is where Faith comes in. To let life be and do it’s job without resisting it and trying to make things different. If we settle into Faith life moves us and things occur, creates, rests, and evolves. Difference happens. Creativity happens. Relational interaction happens. Growth happens. Everything occurs in life as life.

As we settle more into this understanding. As we settle more into the feeling of it. The experience of it. Then we can rest in it and relax a lot more. Letting any striving or ambition fall away. Dropping the ideals that cause us stress and hardship. Faith.

To be with Faith and not try to make things different. If things are naturally moving and creating then we naturally move and we create. As a little function of life. An expression. Life is bigger and it holds us, it breathes us, and it births us. It’s an art to feel and allow ourselves to follow it.

When we drop into life. The feeling if it. Down from our heady ideals, and through the pains and fears we become energetically filled with life. We feel that more and more. We become more aware of the shifts and the waves. The highs and lows. All as a fluid ever morphing, ever evolving experience. One that we are in and part of.

Sailing the sea’s of life. Sometimes slowly and softly, other times directional and passionately. Other times too just still and resting. We can’t change it. It’s too big for us to change. It has it’s own way. So what can we do but give up to that and allow it to hold us and live us. This is Faith.

Let life live your life and stop worrying, fearing, striving. It’s good at last to be taken care of. To feel and see how we are all taken care of. But that doesn’t mean it won’t be challenging or at times painful. Of course not because life isn’t about being good the way we want it to be. Life is it’s own thing and creative intelligence. In life is death too. And pain. It’s how it all comes to work in it’s own natural evolution.

The reason for life being the way it is cannot be known or understood. So then it does what it does, it is what it is and really we just need to go with it 🙂

Due to our being lost and confused within life and of loosing trust and faith in life we have attempted to go our own way doing our own thing based on ideals and beliefs. The ideals and beliefs that we’ve learned from living in this buggered society. A buggered society which has overall lost it’s way and is quite directly killing itself and causing a lot of needless pain. Due to this a correction needs to occur. To bring us back to life and faith. Back to the understanding and feeling of that which I’m explaining here. 

Now imagine everyone just chilled the fuck out and trusted life instead and stopped trying to do things purely of their own accord? i.e. without the felt sense and awareness of life beyond themselves,. It would be so far different. Less selfishness. Less stress. Less fear. Less killing. More beauty, love and faith. More progress. More working together. 

It’s easy really. At least to acknowledge. But a correction needs to take place in order for the experience to be truly felt and realised. A correction in ourselves individually. As that’s all we can affect. To stop a bit and let go. To see what else is happening truly within ourselves. And to follow the calling. The little voice within ourselves that feels and knows what’s really true. To listen to that, and to follow it’s promptings no matter what and to let it lead you back to life. 

The real life.