“The Matrix” within world society has commonly been associated with agencies of power and control such as Government, Religious and Financial Institutions, Media Companies, and the Military Industrial complex. These agencies drive and shape world society defining and creating all the rules and regulations for the rest of us to follow.

This externally is what most people it seems consider(ed) The Matrix.

There’s also the internal Matrix which is the physiological woundedness within a human being that see’s them habitually and mostly unconsciously enmeshed within the structures of the external Matrix. Their fears, insecurities, money and survival issues, striving and ambitions, and all such like keep the individual and masses enmeshed.

The Matrix however now has shifted. It’s less longer about these agencies and is moreso now the Technological net of the Online world through the Internet, Social Media and the mass use and addiction to Mobile Phones.

This is a far more insidious form of enmeshment and control. Whereby mobile devices and the internet are more closely enmeshed physiologically within the average human, and most humans too it seems.

Technology companies hire top social psychology agencies and experts to help them make their software or devices more addictive to the human physiology.

Previously and currently still we have media and marketing companies doing this to attract your attention to influence your decisions or lead you into buying their products or services. But the Technological dynamic now encompasses media and marketing and is even more insidious and powerful in so many other ways. 

The Mobile Phone is like another limb to most people, and the Internet and Social Media is a constant subject of their attention.

Sidestep a little to the activity of Meditation. When most people Meditate they experience variable levels of anxiety that causes their attention to move away from simply sitting still without thinking about anything. They are pulled from the simple activity of meditation towards some sort of external situation or thing.

Now put a Mobile Phone beside them and we’ll almost certainly find that most people will reach for that. Just like what most people do anyway no matter where they are or what they;re doing. 

They flick on the phone. It consumes their attention. Then within the online reality they dissociate from the physical real world. They are now within the digital reality projection of their own mind moving from item of attention to item of attention. Their anxiety somewhat satiated. They receive likes, comments, and private messages. It makes them feel good. It gives them a neuro-physiological hit. It keeps them hooked.

Anxiety, addiction, dissociation from the physical real world.

Not only that but they are now emotionally enmeshed within a collective humanity of billions doing the same. The structures of power and control from the governing agencies of the previous manifestation of the external Matrix has now shifted to the social dynamics of the virtual world of which the wounded human physiology is now enmeshed.

This enmeshment only increases each day as more and more services and activities are created and interacted with in this online world. It’s where new friends are made, things are bough and sold, news media is read, creativity is expressed, businesses are formed, wars are fought, and revolutions are started.

Just about everything we once done in the physical real world and within the previous Matrix is now happening online.

The mobile phone as a gadget is becoming ever more closely integrated with the human physiology. Aesthetically, functionally, and psychologically. You may as well just have it under your own skin!

Even without it yet implanted within us we are now effectively Cyborgs. Half human half machine.

For most people if they lost their mobile phone it would both be a serious practical issue as well as a painful emotional loss. This is how dependent we are. The machine is part of the human psyche and fills the void of physiological pain. It’s needed like a drug to survive and make people feel normal again. Most of us are under it’s control. And the technological creators are leveraging this to shape, influence, and in many cases adversely manipulate society.

This is the new Matrix that most human’s now are trapped within. The physical real world and most especially the natural world of planet earth is fading from their experience. Not only that, it’s dying. Scientists tell us that within 30 years there will be no more fish left in the Sea. Wake up?

There are companies also now working to develop technology that will even more closely integrate humans and machines. It makes the fears and conspiracy theories of human’s being micro-chipped seem like child’s play in comparison.

There is also a vast acceleration towards Artificial Intelligence Robots and machines of all types. It seems within 10, 20, 30 years that the current technological Matrix will be supercharged on steroids and harder to shake free from with most of humanity linked into it directly like one big mass organically integrated computer system.

Whoever has control of that computer system has a LOT of power. Regardless, the humans hooked to it will be so physiologically distorted, and completely out of touch with real world natural experience. Their lives will be more of a technological simulation. Do you care about it?