I was thinking about energy clearing today and always feel that it’s just as necessary for us to do as it is for us to wash and shower. For us to consider it in that manner. Most of us i’m sure wouldn’t walk around with a dirty face and smelly armpits, which is of course why we wash and keep ourselves clean. It’s the same energetically. Our energy can become dirty and unclear, especially if we have a tendency to overthink and or spend much time interacting with other people.


What’s the energy that we’re clearing?

It’s mostly from emotional wounding. All of us harbor emotional wounding to some degree within our being, And this emotional wounding hangs in our energy field taking shape as dark blobs or wisps of coagulated fractals of differing colour. Black is normally the result of fear and self hate. Dark Red is anger, resentment, or sexual distortion. Lime Green is disdain, jealousy, or extreme self loathing. These are the colours that mostly show up.

When we interact with people we interact energetically with them. And through our  presence, unconscious thinking and self expression our energies mingle and can attach. They take on some of our energy and we take on some of theirs. The emotional woundedness of other people can attach energetically to the emotional woundedness of ourselves or at the very least pollute our energy field.


What’s the effect of taking on other people’s “stuff”?

If we are in the process of resolving our emotional woundedness and unconscious thinking then it does us no favours to take on the barrage of other peoples stuff. It just makes the resolution process more difficult for ourselves as we are not only just dealing with our stuff but some of theirs too. 

We experience our own emotional wounding in our minds as unconscious thoughts that play out over and over again. This is because the brain functions as a receiver of information of all that is going on within our body. And the trapped emotions, the woudnedness, is picked up as a distorted signal that the brain plays constantly. The more we resolve our emotional woundedness however the quieter our mind and unconscious thinking becomes until it all but disappears.

When the energy of other peoples emotional woudneness comes into our energy field then that too is received by our brain. Then not only is our mind playing our own unconscious thoughts over and over again but it’s also picking up the impressions of other peoples too. And if those other people harbor a lot of emotional woudnedness then that affects our clarity and can sometimes cause real confusion and restriction if their emotional wounding has attached to ours. When this happens it’s also called emotional or psychic attachment and can affect us to varying degree. Especially in our close relationships where it can cause a lot of suffering and unease.


How do we resolve this?

The best way to resolve it is to resolve the emotional woundedness within ourselves. This results in less suffering and unconscious thinking and gives less opportunity for other peoples stuff to attach to us. It also means that we becomes less of a pollutant to other people too. 

However the resolution of emotional woundedness is not an overnight job. This is why it helps in the process to keep ourselves as energetically clear as is possible so that we can remain more clearly aware of what’s playing out within ourselves and in relation with other people. 

We can remain better aware and step aside from situations or conversations that are fraught with the emotions of anger, jealousy, fear, disdain and so on. So the gossiping or office politics can be given a wide berth. The fear mongering TV news can be switched off. The emotionally antagonistic relationships can be either dealt with or abandoned. The emotional dependencies between ourselves and other people can be identified and straightened up too. 

Of course we can’t avoid everything and it’s not always healthy to seclude ourselves from the world. But it’s definitely less healthy to immerse ourselves unconsciously in the emotion of other people and of this world. It’s a balance we need to find for ourselves in our own circumstance,


What other things help?

Nature! There is no emotion in nature. The natural energies of nature, the plants, the trees and rivers outwith the city for the most part are energetically pure and can serve well to clear our energy fields. That’s why we often feel so good and clear when spending time in nature. We may also see when we come back into society or in contact with others how debilitating it actually can be. How all of this unconscious energetic dynamic actually affects us. Nature is good. A great healer and protection for us in the process of resolve.

Becoming more observant and aware of our own emotional reactions and tendencies of thought is also extremely helpful. Here of course we can see what’s playing out within us. Which emotions do we tend to exhibit quietly within our minds or outwardly in expression. We can take stock of this and make effort to counteract the unconscious tendencies and resolve.

Removing clutter from our lives. As the saying goes “a clear space is a clear mind”, whilst that’s not always the case it certainly helps.

Keeping ourselves, our home, and our work environment (if possible)  clean. Emotional residue doesn’t just attach from human to human. You may feel for-instance when you walk into a room after an argument has taken place. You may feel the emotional charge still in the air. Emotion is energy and it can linger in places and on objects. So you can open windows, spray some flower spray, light some natural incense, or use sound to help. Sound is energy, emotion is energy, Clear sounds of certain frequencies can clear and shift energy and emotion from yourself and your environment.

Prayer and intention works too. You can pray to resolve the thinking mind and empathically connect with whatever your God, Sacred Spirit, or Holiness may be. Aligning energetically with an energy more clear and pure. This helps bring clearer energy into your own being. And if you’re even more adept you can work with this energy to help resolve emotional wounding within yourself and even in other people. But that’s a whole other topic for later.


Well anyway, may this be of assistance to you. Or at least serve as a reminder of how important it can be to keep ourselves aware and our energy clear. If you have any tips and experiences too you’d like to share on this topic then feel to let us know. I’ll be posting this here and there via Social Media and you’re most welcome to engage. It may assist others too.


Bye for now