I don’t know about you but it’s been a crazy few weeks here in Ronnieland. Lot’s of change inwardly and outwardly. It’s all been really good, uncomfortable sometimes but deepening and clarifying. I’ve felt a renewed sense of divinity. And whilst I don’t like using these words it’s been true. Deeper connection with a clear inward resonance which you may describe as being holy or celestial. It has come into my being showing me a deeper and more clearer way to go in my inward movements and dedication to life. It’s flipped my perspective over to a way where life is even less longer about survival or gaining experiential fulfillment, more of that has been let go of. It’s taking more shape now of giving and being whilst at the same time staring death and human mortality in the face, over and over again. 

If you sit quietly and feel the emptiness of your surround. The space of life itself in between all of the objects in your room or wherever you may be you can hear the silence if you still the mind enough to do so. There is life, silent waters that roar with intensity. This is the flow of life, the life-force that fills and motivates our being.  

We have another movement above this. Like a ship sailing on the water. An ego bobbing up and down thinking that it knows what’s going on. Holding onto it’s perspective shape of how it thinks things to be. The process I’ve been going though lately is a deeper dying and letting go of this. The shapes of reality. The shapes of circumstance. The shapes of humanly relationship. The ego mind  creates a map of it’s reality which it exists within. And this map is not what’s true. This is why we encounter suffering challenge and restriction because the ship is bobbing about on the water on it’s own perspective course whilst the water flows differently in it’s own way. So I have agreed recently to allow the ship to sink deeper into the waves. And to allow the ocean to take over and wash it’s waves through me.

In this ocean we can align, deepen, and expand. Outwardly into life with our heart. Inwardly into being into depth. Subtly into greater humility. And euphorically into loving and aliveness. The ocean moves and moves us with it. The ocean lives and gifts us with experience. Connection to others, exchanges of love and creativity. Interest and delight. It crashes too sometimes ferociously in our passions and in our wildness. We have to say a big fuck off sometimes to formality and normality the way the rest around us might see it. How can you contain an ocean in a box without the box suffering breakages and stress? So we break the box man ourselves through wrestling ourselves free from the conformity of our own restrictive ways of thinking, doubting, believing. Easy it is not, it’s a process of willingness and grit.

Anyway what I was wanting to speak about here is not coming to be. I was going to talk about resonant energies and how that whatever resonant energy we can feel in our feelings we can embody throughout our being. So the feeling of a flower, it’s lightness and soft tenderness we can feel and embody. Like the flames of a fire we can feel in our feelings and embody. The passion and the movement. The energy.

It’s possible to clear our energies through the dedication to feel into newness. Not to let comfort drag us into stagnancy. heaviness and darkness sometimes. Watching TV you’re empathically connecting with the energy of that. With the emotions that are transmitting from the screen. That’s something to consider when you’re watching stuff that’s crap or violent.

It’s possible for us to connect to anything in our feelings. The feeling of Russia for example. The feeling of another person. The feeling of water. We really have a great ability to navigate energetically in our circumstance. And we can use this to create new dimensions of experience. 

So what’s the message here? A bit of this and a bit of that. Die to feeling and keep yourself clear. Enjoy a life that’s created from an alignment with deeper truth. Break out the box using your own willingness and facing through the restrictive thinking that comes up in your own mind.

There is a wealth of experience to exist within. Not just the little maps that we create in our mind and hold onto in our striving and our comforts. We can expand, deepen, and come more greatly alive in ourselves if we allow ourselves to be free, and if we really want to. A lot of trust needs to occur. A trust that will deepen through any concept of comfort. A trust that will let go into the waves of this oceanic life.