We have a physical body, a Spirit (energy body), and Soul. In simple terms.

The Spirit body is the psychic body that exists on psychic plains of existence outwith the experience of the physical. 

Our dreaming state is the domain of Spirit. If we learn to dream consciously we can experience the Spiritual anytime,. We don’t need to be sleeping to be dreaming. Our thinking mind is a dream more dense, dark, and clouded. Releasing and resolving the thinking mind allows greater ability to see and experience the Spiritual.

Like our physical body grows and evolves so does our Spirit body. Our Spirit body is not bound by solidity, it can change, morph and create itself in any way. It can fly, breathe under water, and visit other planets in an instant.

All dimensions of experience are linked. What we experience in the Spirit affects the physical and what we experience in the physical affects the Spirit. Soul is the absolute aspect of ourselves that underpins it all. We cannot affect Soul from the physical body or Spirit body but we can bring it to be in experience and align with it. ie. we can open up to the presence of our Soul and we can manifest it’s presence consciously into all dimensions.

The physical body can be shaped consciously and unconsciously through experience. i.e. we can excersize and go to the gym to change the health, shape and appearance of our physical body. 

Our inner world thoughts, feelings and emotions is what shapes the Spirit body. The replay of unconscious self defeating thoughts harm the Spirit body. The resolution of these thoughts brings greater health to the Spirit body. The health of the Spirit body can be determined by energetic density. Dark and heavy or light and clear, for straight forward example.

If our Spirit body is light and clear our physical body can as a result glow in better health. If our Spirit body is dark and heavy our physical body is affected by that too through it’s appearance as well as through sickness and disease. Sometimes our physical body can look healthy and glowing on the outside but aspects of the inside may not be of best health and wear. Optimum health is to look after both our physical body and the experience of our inner world, our Spirit body.

Time doesn’t exist in the world of Spirit. There is no earth rotating around a sun unless we wish to create that. There are no physical laws or societal belief systems unless we wish to create them. Past, present, and less so the future can be accessed and experienced anytime. So any experience of the past can be revisited and resolved if it was a time that saw experience that caused unconscious self defeating thoughts. This is a significant excerisze to carry out in the process of resolving ourselves in this present day. There are many methods that can assist this particular process. Most Spiritual practice can be used for this purpose. Spiritual practice brings resolution to our Spirit body if practiced earnestly.

In this current humanly experience we experience both the physical and the Spiritual. The physical body one day will die and what will be left is your Spirit body. You will continue experience in your Spirit body. If your Spirit body has not been resolved during this physical lifetime then your Spiritual experience after death will be one of darkness and restriction. The consciousness of the Spirit body will be degraded. And because there is no time it will feel like an eternity. Hence why you hear religious people speaking about eternal damnation in hell etc

I don’t know what mechanism occurs in the Spirit world to assist the resolution out of hell other than the concept of re-incarnation. I say concept because I don’t know directly in experience what the truth of reincarnation is. I don’t think anybody does in detail. It appears hidden from us in this experience.

If you are on planet earth right now in this humanly experience then your Spirit body is degraded. Thus a primary purpose of this life experience is to resolve our Spirit body through Spiritual practice and to ensure that we do not experience an “eternity in hell”.

Through Spiritual practice you can become more conscious of your Spirit body and can experience both the physical dimension as well as the Spiritual dimensions. Experiencing the physical and Spiritual dimensions need not be an experience of separating them both. In fact the more you resolve your Spirit body and evolve the more the experience becomes singular. Your Spirit body and your physical body becomes more and more integrated as one single unit of experience. Experience far deeper, wider, and clearer than just the experience of one or the other. 

As the Spirit body is resolved the experience and perception of the physical dimension begins to change. It less longer becomes a place of challenge, restriction, and hellish torment. Though it may be for others. You less longer create this unconsciously in your experience. You create more consciously what you love in experience. And that which you create benefits not just you but the Spirituality of everyone else. You become more and more selfless as the solidity of being a someone begins to fade.

As your Spirit body becomes clearer and lighter it’s experience becomes more refined in alignment with the attributes of grace, joy, divine love, true power, and depth. The dimensions of it’s experience become more “heavenly”. And as the Spirit body and physical body become more integrated through Spiritual practice the world experience changes from hell to heaven. This is the process of manifesting heaven on earth.  Of evolving into a new species of human.

As our Spirit body and physical body become more and more integrated then the experience of Soul comes more consciously to be. The absolute self merges with the relative.

The experience of ourselves at this point (as i only have sometimes seen) is complete open, unrestricted creativity in complete intimacy and alignment with and of all. A god realized state.

These terms and religious definitions are only descriptive pointers. All of what’s written here is for your own experiential consideration.

I’m interested however what for you in your experience makes sense? Does this information ring true?