I’ve realised recently that it’s through love that we best serve others. I know that seems obvious and that many including yourself perhaps are very much involved in giving or creatively serving those around you. 

What I’ve felt, and this is another obvious one, is that the lack of judgement lends itself to the holding and expression of love. Love as in the natural energy of being. Love as in accepting others without harbouring any hidden animosity.

It’s from here that serving serves best. And it’s from here that we less restrict ourselves too. Don’t you get fed up with judging? Harboring resistance and indifference towards people for not very much reason? I do and have gotten fed up with the inherent unconsciousness of it. It’s just pain.

Anyway… i’m here doing my best for everyone in relation to my natural inclinations, as there’s not much else to strive for other than deeper truth and being. Fuller open spontaneous unbounded expression and delight! Doesn’t that feel good? 🙂

Awesome. My word of today….and of many days.

I’d like to ask you guys. If I’ve worked with you, enjoyed life with you, danced with you, energetically assisted the healing of you, or have impacted your being or motivations of life in anyway. I’d like to ask please that you give me some feedback about that. 

As most people are on facebook the feedback will give them something to review when considering working with me. 

I would like to spread further out and connect with more people and to share the hard earned knowledge and insights I have gained along the way in this Humanly, Spiritual, Metaphysical life. I’ll do this through my events mostly, and would like to see you and more of us connect together in common purpose and intention through our works and creativity. So if I can return the gesture for you in any way, please just let me know.

Your feedback on my facebook page will be wholeheartedly appreciated.. thank you