The Bottom Line

This top line here signifies the thought stream that goes on in the mind created by imagination, expectation, and assumption about situations, people and ourselves. The emotional stories that are projected onto the canvas of life and living.

Information and Desire

In 2001 at the tail end of an extremely dark and confused period of my life I experienced an opening to the greater consciousness of this living experience. My family and many of the people who knew me at the time thought I was completely deluded, tripping out or going crazy. No wonder really. As I would voice my experience of the non solid nature of reality and the psychic phenomenon I was seeing day to day. Quite naively, and very much egotistically attached.

Faith in Life

When I say Faith in Life I don’t mean Faith in world society 🙂 That’s unfortunately pretty buggered.

But for ourselves in our experiential existence realising Faith in Life is a good thing. It’s helpful. Because we all have been pretty buggered. Hurt, stressed, pained, lost, saddened, etc. It’s the fact

Live Life Love and Party!

A few years ago after an Iboga plant medicine journey I had the inspiration to engage in Dance. Something I hadn’t really done since the 90’s during my time in the Rave scene. I’m not a great dancer but I loved the music and was also then a Music Producer running my own Techno band.…

Ther process of undoing

Those who know me know I took a bit of time out of life so to speak and was involved in all of this Spiritual stuff. I took to the Highlands of Scotland and lived fairly secluded in a very humble abode for about 5 years. I lost everything that was near and dear to me. All of my savings, all of my life, all of my relationships. But there was something I had to follow. I had to follow what was true within me. And that truth within me was calling me towards nature. It was calling me home to God. Home to my inner self after spending most of my life playing at being me. Caught up in all of the struggle, drama and ambition of this modern life. 

MIND – Binaural Wave System

In my work as a Conscious Dance DJ in our Scotland based events I spend a lot of time intuitively selecting and blending music together to produce a Sound Journey for the crowd that come to our events. Not only do I craft for peoples enjoyment and dance but to also help facilitate different states…

What’s all this about following your passion?

There is a multi-million dollar industry out there all centred upon finding and following your passion. There are all sorts of methods and systems of belief of which this industry communicates. All sorts of seminars and courses, workshops and retreats. From the laws of attraction to the 7 steps of this and that.

Can I just let you know the one thing that counts?

All of this Psychic stuff – what is it?

When I think of Psychic it’s such a loaded word. It conjurers up images of fortune telling and talking to Spirits. These are Psychic activities but Psychic ability isn’t just limited to these things. Psychic ability is as natural as walking and talking and for each of us can be experienced and expressed in so many ways. It’s a fundamental part of our experience, and I think it’s best acknowledged on the ground for what it really is rather than it being made into something special and available only to the select few.