Armageddon doth approacheth

Armageddon doth approacheth I saw a very complex vision recently that I’ll do my best to explain in words here as it carries a very clear guiding message for us just now in the times we are in. It relates to individual experience and how it ties into our reality and collective world experience in…

Video Newsletter – December 2018

Hey welcome, it’s Ronnie   I’d like to make connection with you and share my experience and insights into our life experience and evolution at this time.   The video below speaks about this. See if you relate? Tell me if you do!!   If you wanna do any of the courses mentioned in the…

Healing with Cannabis Oil

Using Cannabis Oil to Heal Cancer and other Physio-Energetic conditions.  

You may find this to be a very interesting video. I encourage that you watch it through to the end, If you’d like to find out more then get in touch with me.

~ Ronnie