Quick Fix, Quick Money, Quick Love

The Self Help industry with all it’s Life Coaches, Speakers and Spiritual Teachers is saturated by the Quick Fix Get Stuff Mindset. The flashy flashy bling bling attracting people’s attention and Money. Whilst the issue for most of us is to unlearn stuff and to give it all up (Psycho-Emotionally). The fears, insecurities, and addictive…

Creating Connection, Sharing and Expression

I’ve realised recently that it’s through love that we best serve others. I know that seems obvious and that many including yourself perhaps are very much involved in giving or creatively serving those around you.  What I’ve felt, and this is another obvious one, is that the lack of judgement lends itself to the holding…

The Doorway into Life

It is true that we need to pass through the fear of death in order to open to life true. The fear of death arises within us in many ways. You could say that almost all of the “negative” behaviours we exhibit have their roots in the fear of death. From issues of anger and…

The Resolution of Being

I spent the past 6 months working with a group of people online taking them, and myself too through a rigorous process of Resolution. Healing ourselves from unconsciousness, from the wounding in our psyche. And also deepening the commitment to life and living including mastering the art of our creativity, navigating relationship, deepening our mysticism,…

The Bottom Line

This top line here signifies the thought stream that goes on in the mind created by imagination, expectation, and assumption about situations, people and ourselves. The emotional stories that are projected onto the canvas of life and living.

Information and Desire

In 2001 at the tail end of an extremely dark and confused period of my life I experienced an opening to the greater consciousness of this living experience. My family and many of the people who knew me at the time thought I was completely deluded, tripping out or going crazy. No wonder really. As I would voice my experience of the non solid nature of reality and the psychic phenomenon I was seeing day to day. Quite naively, and very much egotistically attached.

Faith in Life

When I say Faith in Life I don’t mean Faith in world society 🙂 That’s unfortunately pretty buggered.

But for ourselves in our experiential existence realising Faith in Life is a good thing. It’s helpful. Because we all have been pretty buggered. Hurt, stressed, pained, lost, saddened, etc. It’s the fact