What’s all this about following your passion?

There is a multi-million dollar industry out there all centred upon finding and following your passion. There are all sorts of methods and systems of belief of which this industry communicates. All sorts of seminars and courses, workshops and retreats. From the laws of attraction to the 7 steps of this and that.

Can I just let you know the one thing that counts?

All of this Psychic stuff – what is it?

When I think of Psychic it’s such a loaded word. It conjurers up images of fortune telling and talking to Spirits. These are Psychic activities but Psychic ability isn’t just limited to these things. Psychic ability is as natural as walking and talking and for each of us can be experienced and expressed in so many ways. It’s a fundamental part of our experience, and I think it’s best acknowledged on the ground for what it really is rather than it being made into something special and available only to the select few.

Energy Clearing, why do it?

I was thinking about energy clearing today and always feel that it’s just as necessary for us to do as it is for us to wash and shower. For us to consider it in that manner. Most of us i’m sure wouldn’t walk around with a dirty face and smelly armpits, thus this is why we wash and keep ourselves clean. It’s the same energetically. Our energy can become dirty and unclear, especially if we have a tendency to overthink and or spend much time interacting with other people day to day.

The deeper purpose of life

We have a physical body, a Spirit (energy body), and Soul. In simple terms. The Spirit body is the psychic body that exists on psychic plains of existence outwith the experience of the physical.  Our dreaming state is the domain of Spirit. If we learn to dream consciously we can experience the Spiritual anytime,. We…

The impulse of life

Life has it’s own natural pulse that expresses through us. Often however we are driven by subconscious impulse. You can tell this just by sitting still and feeling what it is that moves you to activity. You may also see by these subconscious impulses that the activity you’re moved towards is one not of life…

Plant Medicines

I’ve been working with various plant medicines since 2008 and have found them an absolutely vital part of my own journey of self healing. Many people get the wrong idea about them and consider them to be just some bizarre drugs that people take to get high and trip out on. I know nobody who has…

The Secret to Manifestation

The secret to manifestation is to act upon your inspirations immediately. Fulfilling the practical tasks needed to make things happen. That’s all you need to do. The rest you don’t need to think about. You expected more? There is no more.  However other things that might come into the experience are hesitancy, self doubt, and emotional…

Faith in Life

I’ve recently discovered another physio-energetic movement that initiates a sense of greater wholeness, safety and fulfillment in one’s experience of being here, in the world. As a human individual with a greater sense of depth, intimacy and alignment with the earth, with existence, with the whole. As a word this movement could be identified and recognized…

Into the Waves

Into the Waves I don’t know about you but it’s been a crazy few weeks here in Ronnieland. Lot’s of change inwardly and outwardly. It’s all been really good, uncomfortable sometimes but deepening and clarifying. I’ve felt a renewed sense of divinity. And whilst I don’t like using these words it’s been true. Deeper connection…

Mystical Experience

To be honest everything could be considered a mystical experience when you take in the fact of our existence. The chance, probability and wonder of being here on this planet, in this universe, experiencing life in these bodies. Is quite tremendously awesome.