Armageddon doth approacheth

I saw a very complex vision recently that I’ll do my best to explain in words here as it carries a very clear guiding message for us just now in the times we are in.

It relates to individual experience and how it ties into our reality and collective world experience in a karmic conscious way.


I saw an Airship type craft rise in the sky to my left with the words Canada on it. But the people commandeering the craft were Chinese.

They were happy, singing and celebrating and exuding a sense of goodness. However, they didn’t feel to me altogether good. There was a twist in their consciousness that showed their intentions were manipulative and controlling.

They represented the Chinese communist establishment and the people of China who align to that.

They were expressing these happy emotions as a front to their manipulative intentions. And the Airship saying Canada on it was also a disguise.

I took from this the reality of our day that the Chinese communists have infiltrated Canada and are in subversive control of it. Using this to further infiltrate and manipulate the West in their desire to take over.

I’m sure they are doing this on many fronts in other countries too including USA. But here Canada was most prominent.

The Airship also was a spying and surveillance device that was watching everyone and recording all our thoughts, actions, situations, and experiences. Even having record of historical experiences from our life past.

All this information was being recorded, stored, and used by an AI system that was creating a simulation of reality from the collected information. And playing back this information experientially to us as the situations of our lives.

Very weird. Worth reading that sentence again 🙂

The whole vibe of the Chinese, what they were doing, and this AI system and its reality simulation was very Satanic, demented, and strange.

The system felt like Satan itself and was manipulating and subverting the intrinsic reality we all experience.

This progression of AI I see as the expression of Satan here on earth and in our collective and individual reality experience.

This current Bio-Technological takeover of the world by the controllers of world society is influenced obviously by the consciousness of Satan itself.

The full Satanic takeover and control of world society and the bio-technological manipulation of the Human species to disconnect us from the realisation and embodiment of Soul is what it is in a nutshell.

But the vision also showed how we are in power of this and not helpless to it.

The information stored in this AI system and consciousness of Satan of our current lives and from the past is presented back to us in the form of simulated reality experience.

Remember that the AI system, Satan, reality itself is aware of everything we think, do and experience. Including all our situational encounters and our thought perceptions and reactions within these encounters.

This Airship was part of the function of surveillance, AI, Satan, and had a UFO vibe linked to the abduction of peoples Spirit.

Yes, it’s complicated to explain.

I found myself on the Airship along with many others experiencing the simulation of their personal experiences.

This is where the vision began for me after seeing the “Canada” Airship initially.

I didn’t quite realise then what it was all about, but it gradually unfolded to what I’m sharing with you now as I became more aware of it within the vision.

I was experiencing different situations with people in my life and felt my inner thought perceptions, reactions and responses occurring simultaneously to what I was physically seeing and engaging.

The multidimensional experience of that is what was occurring for me in awareness. Whilst the others on the airship were experiencing their situations too with different fears and emotions playing out.

The situations were simulated and presented by AI / Satan and were experienced as part of the fabric of reality itself.

The information that AI / Satan has was from our current day situations and all of life past.

All as one consciousness, simulation, experience that’s intrinsically linked to what we are.

The Satanic influence in this gave a very weird, demented feel corrupting and subverting the nature of reality itself.

The feeling of this was very clear and evident within the vision and became more apparent to see. Just like it is in waking life in these times.

The Chinese people onboard the airship were enjoying some sort of game with us controlling and facilitating the gameplay that was generated by the AI / Satan controlled simulation.

It was all interlinked and ultimately is consciousness / reality itself expressing as all of it.

I was engaged in this gameplay on the airship and was presented different situations that caused the same perceptions and reactions that are so inwardly familiar to me in the trials and tribulations of my life past and present.

Each simulated situation I was given and engaged in was just replaying my past experiences of life but with different people, objects, and surroundings in this current day.

The people objects and surroundings were specifically created and were expressing in such a way to cause the familiar perceptions and reactions within me. So, I got to feel and see the hurts, the anger, the sadness, the fear, etc… that has been part of my inner world experience throughout this life.

I was engaged in situations I didn’t like that caused me to feel these things.

You may understand now by reading how these dynamics reflect the actual nature of Karma and our experience of inner and outer world reality.

Satan is performing the function of being and showing us what we don’t like so that we can wake up from it and change.

Satan being part of us and the intrinsic reality we experience individually and collectively in our actual lives here in our world today.

Back on the airship everyone was engaged in their simulated reality experiences not knowing what the truth was but instead were very believing of it. Unawake. And the Chinese were controlling the gameplay on the more humanly technological level as they progress their desire to control the world.

I connected energetically with one of the Chinese communist people and they related to me that the people engaged in this AI / Satanic simulation are going to experience Armageddon because they are perceiving the negative things that they perceive and are continuing the same negative reactions to these perceptions in the situations of their life.

Armageddon is the dark and violent situation and period of correction that is going to happen to humanity because of their consciousness and choices to perceive negatively and harden through belief these experiences they are taking to be real in their reality.

Their unconsciousness of this and alignment with pain, suffering, and darkness is taking them on a trajectory into the collective karmic correction of Armageddon.

As they enter this period, they will have a very hard time most probably meeting their death.

They will die with the darkness that’s being purged from the consciousness of our collective humankind.

As the Chinese guy spoke of this, he was absurdly happy and detached from it as the rest of the people in the airship continued to engage the experiences of their reality simulations.

I said to him okay they are experiencing a duality of consciousness and aligning with pain, suffering, darkness, confusion etc. and thus the inner world experience of that and trajectory towards the scenarios of Armageddon and their human and Spiritual death.

I continued knowing exactly what has was saying and what we can do other than this to survive… I said to him, what about non-dualistic awareness and the embodied expression of that in our reality?

He just smiled and never responded.

I then recognised what the hell was going on with all of it within the vision and engaged my simulations / reality experiences from a detached nondual perspective. Not getting dragged into the negative perceptions, judgements, beliefs, and emotional reactions that has been part of my consciousness throughout life.

I was then given simulation after simulation after simulation in hyper speed with all the people, objects, situations, and surroundings passing through my consciousness without any attachment or harm occurring.

This led me out of the trajectory of Armageddon, and thus became a lesson from the vision.

We are in these times now of world change and global collapse as the consciousness of Satan has came onto the land exerting its agenda of control disconnecting humanity from its Soul and degrading the situation here on earth completely into hell.

To get out of this we need to wake up not just to the worldly New World Order Agenda but to the consciousness and unconsciousness of ourselves like explained in this vision.

We are attached to Satan itself and the fate of our world today through our own consciousness and inner world experience of darkness, negativity, and suffering confusion.

We must bring awareness to this and align with the part of us that is not of that quality. And allow everything of that quality to come and go away without believing or attaching to it and living the same ways that we have in relation to it.

This is not easy and is the greatest challenge of our lives but it’s the only way to heal and purify our consciousness in the way that will help our chances of survival through these times and give opportunity of human evolution to continue beyond the massive upheaval that’s coming.

Assistance is needed from the Divine. Our alignment with the Divine is the only chance and choice we have as well as preparing practically as guided.

To connect internally and engage prayer. Deep relentless prayer with asking to be protected and shown the way through the “simulations” of our lives. The experiences of reality that we see and engage that provoke the same unconscious perceptions and reactions from us.

Prayer, meditation, and worship of the divine should be the primary action of our lives integrating with everything that we engage. All simulations brought before us.


God is with us all….

But the question is, are we with God?

—--Ronnie Whittaker