This Evening of Mysticism provides a unique opportunity for you to initiate and deepen your experience of the Supernatural. I don’t just mean Ghosts and Spirits. I mean of this Supernatural existence we find ourselves in this multidimensional reality.

I provide in these events some exercises and techniques to open your perception of the unseen. To peer into other dimensional realities. And to receive from this experience more information and insight into the nature of ourselves and our place within this Supernatural existence.

Through the knowledge of where and how to look and see, and through the clarity of perception you will be able to open to new dimensions of experience for yourself. Expanding your understanding of life, and of how to navigate situations and circumstances to support your own wellbeing, creativity, natural power, healing ability, and self-awareness.

This event is an introduction to let you see your potential of deepening into these realms of experience. And I must add that it might be quite unnerving for you to experience. But it’s okay, because these other dimensional realities, Ghosts, Spirits, Angels, and beings and creatures of all different types are just part of life. In the same way that we humans, the animals, and plants are. here.

These evenings offer you the potential of opening your perception and acquiring new insights and abilities that you may already know somehow and somewhere that you have. But perhaps over time since earlier years you have forgotten or dismissed. And for some of you it may provide a deeper context and explanation for the gifts you already have and use.

The event format is as follows….

  • Welcome and Introduction
  • Energy clearing and trance meditation
  • Talk and explanation of the Matrix fields and nature dimension
  • Talk and explanation of the multidimensional
  • Group exercises for energetic opening
  • Group excersize for the discovery and exploration of other dimensions
  • Group excersize for the discovery and exploration of the human energy field
  • Talk and explanation of practical application of these experiences
  • Talk and explanation of deepening awareness of the unseen
  • Close

The event lasts a total of 2 hours, and the information and experience may initiate life change for you. If indeed you are interested to find out more.

Cost = £15

Bookings up front only, no payment taken at the door.

Payment via Paypal to Please ensure you choose the send to “friends or family” option so that Paypal doesn’t take a deduction.

If you prefer to pay via Bank Transfer just email me for details.

Thank you