When I think of Psychic it’s such a loaded word. It conjurers up images of fortune telling and talking to Spirits. These are Psychic activities but Psychic ability isn’t just limited to these things. Psychic ability is as natural as walking and talking and for each of us can be experienced and expressed in so many ways. It’s a fundamental part of our experience, and I think it’s best acknowledged on the ground for what it really is rather than it being made into something special and available only to the select few.


What is it then?

Psychic ability is linked to feeling and everything is feeling or can be felt. Everything is energetic. Our feelings are energetic. The input and workings of our senses have an energetic component and can be felt. i.e. When you see something you can feel it. When you hear something you can feel it, and so on. So our Psychic abilities can be experienced and worked with through our feelings, senses, and intuition. With our intuition being the inner intelligence that allows us to recognize experience and create.


How do I start working with this?

Truth is you are working with it all of the time. Whatever you see, feel, taste, touch, and hear is translated not just in your brain and interpreted by your thoughts but felt in your feelings too. The difference between one person and the other is that one person may be more thinking orientated and the other more feeling orientated. It’s not a bad thing to use both, feeling and thinking. But you cut yourself off from feeling if all you’re doing is thinking. So resolving the thinking mind and opening to other experience is helpful. 

As feeling is energetic then the energetic is important too. If you’re unfamiliar to working with energy then you may like to read my little blog about energy clearing. I’ll post the link at the end of this.

Keeping your energy clear assists in the receptivity of information and the acknowledgement of feeling. It helps you think more clearly too, and with this more clear action can occur in your working with the Psychic.


Okay, so i’m in touch with my feelings and my energy is clear. What now?

You can now exercise your Psychic muscle. As I said before we can experience the Psychic through any of our senses so you can begin to feel more what’s going on in relation to what’s being picked up all around you. When looking at a tree can you feel the tree? How does it feel internally within your feelings? Do you feel it as strong and old, or fragile and young? What about the leaves? What can you feel from them? Can you feel the life of the tree? What other information can you feel about it? Remember not to interpret with your thoughts. It’s your feelings and intuition that you’re working with here. You can use your thoughts as a tool to create and make things happen in relation to what you feel. So your thoughts become a secondary function powered by your feelings.

The feeling you is the more real you.

What about that person across the street? When looking at them how do they feel to you? What information is coming to you about that person? It’s not your intellectual judgement’s about the person. When you’re looking at the person you are connecting with them energetically, and the energy of the person is being picked up by you too. Energy is information. What information is coming to you? How does it feel? What insights are coming to you about the person?

What about if you close your eyes and touch something? How does that feel? What qualities does it have? Rough, smooth, warm, cold? Still then within your feelings what other information is coming to you about the object? The object is made of energy, as you are too. Energy is information. What do you feel from the energy of this thing? Perhaps as you touch and feel this object you might receive some visual information too in your minds eye that can show you more about the object. What it is. Where it’s from. Who’s it is. etc.

There is no limit to what we can feel as everything is energy and carries information. It’s just a case of “tuning in”, exercising the muscle and becoming more acquainted with our inner feelings and what’s picked up through our senses.


Isn’t this just basic stuff, is there anything else I can do?

Yes, people use their Psychic muscle for all sorts of things. From determining what they’re going to do throughout their day to building a bridge, or healing another person.

Here’s one you can do…

Sit still for a moment, drop out of your thinking mind and into feeling. Get acquainted with a more silent space internally and around you.

Now think of somebody. Someone in your family perhaps that isn’t around you just now. Internally what do you see that person doing? If you can’t see or get a sense of them then you can practice a bit more relaxation and getting yourself into a space of calmness and peace.

When you see the person you may just see them flick up in your minds eye for a minute. You may actually see them doing something. For instance they might be crouched over something or holding an object. It could be anything. You need to be careful however hot to project what you think they might be doing into the scene. Take your mind out of the way.

Your seeing the person can tell you about the person. What their inner emotional state may be. For-instance you might see them jumping around frantically, or even making weird gestures or doing strange things. Here you are in the realms of inner symbolism. The dreaming or unconscious mind. So what you see of the person might not actually be what they are doing in “real life”, you are seeing a symbolic representation of what’s going on for them internally at this time. 

This is helpful to understand a little deeper what is going on. And if it’s a close family member who may be under some stress or strain then of course you could call them up if you feel, Give them some of your time. Let them know you care about them. Whatever. You can work with this experience however you wish. 

I use this for my remote healing work. When I settle down to work with a client I call them up into my minds eye and can see what’s going on with them. And because I’ve being doing this for a while my intention always is to see what I can heal and assist them with, So i’m shown things directly related to that and can work for them.

Other people who work with Spirits and other dimensional communications are just using this same mechanism albeit a little deeper in their own metaphysical experience. But then once you do it it’s no longer such a big thing. No difference between talking to a lollipop man than there is a deceased relative. 🙂 It’s all the same in the world of feeling, energy, and natural insight. Only our beliefs get in the way.


What do you guys do then? How do you put this stuff into practice? Do you really work with it? Maybe you’ve had some experiences that you’d like to share with us?

Thank you


Link to: Energy Clearing