The Self Help industry with all it’s Life Coaches, Speakers and Spiritual Teachers is saturated by the Quick Fix Get Stuff Mindset. The flashy flashy bling bling attracting people’s attention and Money. Whilst the issue for most of us is to unlearn stuff and to give it all up (Psycho-Emotionally). The fears, insecurities, and addictive attachments. So the Quick Fix Get Stuff Mindset can keep people on the Mouse-wheel and lead them astray.

I’ve struggled with this in my own Communications work because my desire to communicate and connect with people means nothing if no-one will be there to listen. People do like a Quick Fix and to feel as if they are Getting Stuff. So it’s taking a little sorting out to speak and offer people nothing in a way that’s helpful 🙂

It takes bravery for every single one of us to follow what we know is true. And to let slide all of that which isn’t. The real challenging part too is distinguishing the Truth. The Truth of feeling. The Truth of unemotionally polluted desire. And the Truth of clear seeing. Realizing all of this internally together and living it.

This is a practice. And one that guides us through and beyond the Quick Fix Get Stuff Mindset to the place where we see that there isn’t a problem with what we are nor anything deficient to want over.

The process isn’t easy.

Of course if it was… it could be sold as a Quick Fix 😉


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