Information and Desire

In 2001 at the tail end of an extremely dark and confused period of my life I experienced an opening to the greater consciousness of this living experience. My family and many of the people who knew me at the time thought I was completely deluded, tripping out or going crazy. No wonder really. As I would voice my experience of the non solid nature of reality and the psychic phenomenon I was seeing day to day. Quite naively, and very much egotistically attached.

Faith in Life

When I say Faith in Life I don’t mean Faith in world society 🙂 That’s unfortunately pretty buggered.

But for ourselves in our experiential existence realising Faith in Life is a good thing. It’s helpful. Because we all have been pretty buggered. Hurt, stressed, pained, lost, saddened, etc. It’s the fact

Live Life Love and Party!

A few years ago after an Iboga plant medicine journey I had the inspiration to engage in Dance. Something I hadn’t really done since the 90’s during my time in the Rave scene. I’m not a great dancer but I loved the music and was also then a Music Producer running my own Techno band.…