Ther process of undoing

Those who know me know I took a bit of time out of life so to speak and was involved in all of this Spiritual stuff. I took to the Highlands of Scotland and lived fairly secluded in a very humble abode for about 5 years. I lost everything that was near and dear to me. All of my savings, all of my life, all of my relationships. But there was something I had to follow. I had to follow what was true within me. And that truth within me was calling me towards nature. It was calling me home to God. Home to my inner self after spending most of my life playing at being me. Caught up in all of the struggle, drama and ambition of this modern life. 

MIND – Binaural Wave System

In my work as a Conscious Dance DJ in our Scotland based events I spend a lot of time intuitively selecting and blending music together to produce a Sound Journey for the crowd that come to our events. Not only do I craft for peoples enjoyment and dance but to also help facilitate different states…