Join me in the Community for Conscious Evolution and get the free Evolution Booster Pack.  A series of videos with easy to follow techniques to assist your embodiment of Divine Consciousness, World Changing Money Making Creativity, and Passionate Life Living! 


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I’ve learned so much from the evolution packs. They have helped me gain so many major breakthroughs in my own self healing and practical creativity.  I am eternally grateful to have stumbled across Ronnie’s work and the community here. William H, UK

In working with Ronnie, I am able to understand life in a new way.  My life has become easier and clarity has become normal again. Cheryl S, USA

Ronnie is an easy going guy who is genuinely interested in sharing his knowledge with others. I gained a lot of healing and breakthroughs in areas that were stagnant. Allison M, UK

Ronnie is the most knowledgeable, honest, intuitive and loving person I’ve ever had the privilege of meeting in the flesh. Adrian P, UK

I took part in Ronnie’s last online course, it was the most important journey I have embarked on ever- in less than a year my life has changed so profoundly in so many ways. Fiona M, Scotland

I am grateful to have joined Ronnie in the Community and if you are also feeling the call and have full trust and dedication to an evolutionary journey, this could be an appropriate chance to start healing the Self and reclaim your soul in this lifetime. Miranda L, Hong Kong