One to One over Skype, Telephone or Face to Face

It takes courage to open up sometimes and communicate our challenges and concerns. Truth is though that once you step forward the process of resolution has already begun. Because you’ve chosen to have it dealt with and are no longer in a place of trying to handle things on your own..

The very dynamic of relating with me here will ensure the right information and energy comes to you to help unlock the mental or emotional puzzle that’s causing concern. Or to give you the boost you need to progress your creative or organisational abilities.

I’ve spent more than 15 years now fully dedicated to the unplugging process and resolution of my own being. All of the emotional issue and psychological considerations that have come along with this experience I’ve worked through intently using all means at my disposal. So It’s from direct experience that I help you.


To give you an idea, here’s some of the subject’s I’ve been assisting people with for many years now:

  • Resolution of emotional issues such as Anger, Control issues, Depression, Anxiety, Fear etc.
  • Resolution of addictions large or small. From Chocolate Biscuits, to Porn, Cigarettes or Cocaine
  • Issues of Confidence, Public Speaking, or Expression
  • Developing discipline in the unplugging process, resolving psycho-emotional wounding
  • Living the unplugged life within a plugged in society
  • Developing Creativity, and or turning your talents into a money making business
  • Resolving Relationship issues with Partners, Parents, Children, or Co-Workers
  • Developing Perception, and abilities of Energetic Healing


Any of these things can play out in many different ways related to your own individual experience. So the session we have together will be the process of my listening to understand where you are at and coming from. And to support your own thinking process, resolution, or strengthening of ability.

An individual session lasts for a minimum of one hour but is not limited to this. It will continue at no extra charge for as long as the information and energies continue in process between us.

1 Hour Session = £40

3 Session Block Booking = £99

5 Session Block Booking = £159

If you prefer to pay via bank transfer just send an email for details:

Thank you