Hello i’m Ronnie

For the purpose of this website and to help you understand my work. I am a Transformational Facilitator, Speaker, Coach, Energy Healer, Conscious Dance DJ and Events Organizer. These are the things I do for fun, interest and enjoyment and to assist the world and people around me who are drawn to my work. Transformational facilitator for short.

I had a Spiritual Awakening experience in 2001 which was very intense and turned my world upside down and my being inside out. And ever since that initial period I have worked very hard to resolve the pains and negativities resident within my mind and physiology.

To assist in this process I read a lot of books. Science books, Spiritual New Age books, Religious texts, and all sorts of things, All of the reading assisted my making sense of the Spiritual experience and helped open my mind to new perspectives. And also assisted the process of self healing that I so diligently embarked on and continue with day by day.

My main influences I would say are Taoism and Shamanism. But I have an appreciation for all the other ism’s too.

I don’t read books anymore. I don’t have the patience for it and prefer to just wing it along now in my own experience. But I do learn from the people I engage with.

In 2007 I started studying with my old teacher Stuart Wilde. I just totally resonated with his work and character. Plus he was the only person who explained the experiential phenomena I had experienced and was experiencing, and still experience ever since 2001. He was a very wise man, quite popular in the Spiritual New Age movement, and was from Taosit lineage. He was a modern visionary, practiced deep Mysticism, wrote 17 books, and created a body of work based on transdimensional experience that’s very unique and original in this world. Some say he was the worlds foremost Meyaphysician. I think they’re probably right. 

I learned a lot from my experience with Stuart and felt a deep affinity with him. Along with all of the Mystical stuff he assisted me through the process of Shadow resolution. This is why in my experience I am able to assist other people through this process. Something I’ve been doing for a few years now through my online courses.

I also carry the torch of Stuart’s vision assisting people over from the world of financial structure, human degradation, and emotional drama to the new. Albeit I do this now in my own experience through my own particular creativity and methods. But I do have such love for him. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be here saying what I am saying and doing what i’m doing. 

I have had influence from other great teachers too. Aisha Salem of recent years. She is an amazing woman and being. Although we have never met in the physical. From her presence and communication I have come to find out more about my own being and it’s integration of both Human and Spiritual parts. I learned from her a female perspective of Spirituality, Consciousness, Self Healing and Relationship. Less ethereal and more grounded in the physical. I love her and I am very grateful for her wisdom. And the healing’s and openings I’ve received from her being. 

These days I am more in the teaching and facilitation role myself and of course this is what I do here via my website and events. I am thoroughly dedicated to supporting as many people as I can in their journey of Self Healing and Spiritual Realisation. And also in their development of creativity, and passionate life living. It’s where i’m at after spending so long in nature living as a Renunciant for many years whilst I healed my Body, Mind and Spirit. I have came back from the Mountains of Scotland to tell my tale.

I have a vision to assist everyone I can and to unite us all in this life doing what we love to do. This is what creates the new world. It starts with ourselves of course. Heal ourselves and assist others too. Unplug ourselves from the collective drama, step aside from it a bit and start anew. Walk our talk and create a life of beauty in truth.

This is a short overview of my experience over the years.

Before getting into the Spiritual way of things I was and still am a Glaswegian guy who lives in Scotland. I previously had a career as an IT Manager in the corporate world but I never really liked that to be honest. It just made me lots of money and kept me right as far as my family and the expectations of society were concerned. I have totally shed that skin now and I feel more free and true to me. Doing what I can to continue in my own self healing, creating an experience of life that rings true to my heart and inner being. 

I am in a new place. A place of trust. A place where I have accepted my mortality giving up for as much as I can my own personal will, and instead now following the will of life as it unfolds in each moment. I continue in this dedication to self, and to giving and supporting others through their interactions and experience with me. 

I am very grateful for this chance of life and to see and experience the things I do and to assist other people in the process.

Thank you

Ronnie Whittaker