Hello i’m Ronnie

In 2001 I had an intense Spiritual awakening experience that transformed my experience of myself and perception of reality. I didn’t actually have a conscious perception of reality before this. Just living the life of everyday existence. Job, TV, Pub, friends and family.  With a general interest in the unexplained, outer space, and things unknown. 

The awakening showed me that I was and we are far more than what we have come to believe about ourselves in this society of Education, Governments, daily life and drama. That we are in fact made of Conscious energy existing in this human experience as part of a vast intelligent and all creative infinite eternity. 

This experience lasted at it’s peak for weeks and during this time I experienced absolute bliss, moment to moment perception of psychic phenomenon, and a depth of insight and clarity that i’d never before encountered.

I would lie in bed at night and feel as if the energy and information of all the universe was downloading into my psyche. And these downloads were changing the way I felt and experienced myself and life. It was like the lid of the box I was living in for so long was blown off it’s hinges, and daylight was shining onto me for the first time. 

This experience started for me what people call the “Spiritual Journey”. As this new found awareness settled into my experience I had a desire for answers as to what was going on. This led me to books. Lot’s of them! Spiritual books, Religious books, Science books. All manner of books. And I would read and consume the material of all these books day by day expanding my perspective understanding of self, life and of this amazing multidimensional reality.

After years of reading, learning, listening to Spiritual teachers and investigating information I started studying directly with my first mentor Stuart Wilde. An intense life changing period of over 5 years that helped me see and heal much of the unconscious pains and wounding within my physiology. It was one thing to have all the new found awareness of life but I still had shit to do to resolve the pains, fears and misconceptions that tainted my experience and caused me so much suffering.

During this time I departed almost completely from human connection and moved into the Highlands of Scotland in an experience of seclusion and renunciation from the world. My friends became the tree’s and flowers of the forest. And the stars and night sky became my love. I was happy in this natural immersion which protected me whilst I dug down deep into the pains within myself to heal. The suffering negativity and unconscious thinking caused by a life of suffering rejection, disappointment, falsehood, drama, and confusion. 

As this intense healing period was occurring I also deepened my experience and awareness of the divine intelligence that creates and animates all things. I developed deep insight and had many epiphanies of experience that showed me ever more deeply the nature of self and of this reality. And how I, we all have, the power to create and transform the experience of ourselves and of this world. 

After those years life eventually drew me back into the city and I went through a period of re-integration with humanity. But from a different place. With the gnosis that our evolution as individual and collective humans is now going through a significant period of transformation. And that we all have the capability to heal and resolve ourselves from the sufferings of unconsciousness and to create for ourselves a new experience of reality. By doing this first individually for ourselves then joining with others on the same wave. 

The dawning of the New Age. The return of Heaven on Earth. Whatever you might like to call it is possible and it’s happening. But not without it’s pains. 

I now work with people to assist them in this process. A process of conscious evolution. Healing ourselves from suffering unconsciousness and creating a life of beauty in truth.

Thank you